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Viktor Khryapa: "I don't think about the NBA now"
by Jorge Sierra / May 10, 2003

Were you happy with your performance against FC Barcelona in the semifinals of the Euroleague?

Viktor Khryapa: Yeah, I played well... but the team lost and we now have hope we can play better after tomorrow.

Did you feel any special pressure with so many NBA scouts in the stands?

VK: Yeah, I know a lot of people is coming to see the young players. But I play for my team and I don't think about those who are watching me. I'm just going to do what I can.

Have you given much thought to the possibility of playing in the NBA in the near future?

VK: Oh... I don't think about this now. Like I've said before, after the Final Four we'll speak with my agent and we will decide what I'm going to do.

Many people compare you to Andrei Kirilenko. Do you think that's a good comparison?

VK: Yeah, he's a great player. I'm his fan...

But do you think you are similar to him?

VK: Yeah, everybody says I'm like Andrei. But I'm not Andrei. I'm Viktor. I'm playing for CSKA.

Kirilenko declared himself eligible for the NBA draft at a very young age... Would you consider doing the same?

VK: I don't know. I'll think about that after the Final Four.

What are the possibilities of entering the draft now? Fifty per cent?

VK: Maybe fifty.

So fifty per cent?

VK: Yeah.

What do you think are your main strengths?

VK: Strengths? Well... What I have to care about is taking better shots, playing better defense and playing better in the team offense.

Finally, which NBA player do you think you resemble the most?

VK: I think I'm like many players. Not one. Many players (laughs).

Jorge Sierra is the editor of HoopsHype.com.

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