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Jason Kidd: "We don't have any ego issues"
by Senad Mustafic / November 27, 2005

What are the Nets' ambitions this season?

Jason Kidd: I think that realistically we can shoot for the title this year. If we stay healthy and be persistent throughout the season, I think we have good chance to go all the way.

Which team is the Nets' biggest competitor in the Eastern Conference?

JK: There are many really good teams in our conference this season. Miami, Indiana and Detroit will be our fiercest opponents this year. But we just have to focus on our game and be patient with the realistic hope that we'll be on top after all is said and done.

Philadelphia is having a good start of the season in the Atlantic Division. Do you think that their success is only temporary or they actually built a strong team for the long run?

JK: The 76ers currently play very good basketball, and we don't. However, we are still only one win behind them. If we continue to improve, we should be on the top of our division at the end of the regular season.

How do you compare your style with Allen Iverson's way of playing basketball?

JK: Watching me and Allen is as if you are watching two different sports. Iverson can create huge pressure on the opponent with his offensive abilities. My game is predominantly based on creating opportunities for my teammates. Of course, Allen has so much more in his repertoire– his penetration is unbelievable and he is incredibly quick defensively. We are two different players, but with the same goal – to be useful for our team and our teammates.

New Jersey arguably has the best backcourt in the NBA with you, Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson. How does Nenad Krstic fill the gap in the middle?

JK: Nenad will be an All-Star player, maybe not this year, but next year for sure. Playing the center position, he is statistically the best shooter on our team. He works extremely hard and that is the biggest reason why he progresses so fast in this league. I am very happy to have him on my team.

What is the toughest team to play against in the NBA?

JK: I would say that is San Antonio. I sincerely hope that we will play against them in the NBA Finals this season.

Is your leadership the biggest reason why there are no ego issues on your team?

JK: I hope so... I think we all understand that we are here to make ourselves and our team as a whole better. We really don't have any ego issues. They are completely detrimental to the team chemistry, which is absolutely necessary for any success in this league. We are all focused on our mutual goal. As long as we all understand that, we will be alright.

Did the management do the right thing pairing Richard Jefferson and Vince Carter?

JK: Absolutely! I expect that Richard and Vince score the most points as a duo in this league at the end of the season. That will directly help our team win more games than we did last season.

What is the relationship like between you three?

JK: We socialize very often and away from our duties on the team. We do all sorts of things together. I think that will ultimately help to improve our team chemistry and make us better and more successful players.

Senad Mustafic is a Phoenix correspondent of Sportska Centrala, sports news agency from Serbia-Montenegro

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