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Brevin Knight: "I'd love to go back to Charlotte"
by Jamie Griffin / May 20, 2005

How do you feel about the current news concerning the new collective bargaining agreement?

Brevin Knight: It's a little bit stressful. Of course you want things to be in place so that we can continue to do the good things we have started to do in this league. It's also a business. Everyone has to work under the terms they feel is fair to everyone. And this is the negotiation process. They'll take it through the summer. In the summer, not a lot goes on for us anyway besides summer league, and then just doing some trades or getting your team ready. So hopefully this will get done by the time we get to training camp, so we can continue to let this game grow and let people continue to love it.

Would you be shocked if there was a lockout?

BK: Not at all. Like I said, there's not much to lose during the summer. And with both sides, there's positioning. Once it gets closer to that time for things to happen, that's when it picks up. I expect something to be done when it comes time for training camp.

What do you think about the age limit issue?

BK: I think all people should get an opportunity to make a better life for their family. If there is some other league put in position, minor league, where these guys can go and continue to grow and get an education and continue to make money, I think that's the other avenue to go. If not, then it's tough to just tell someone they have to continue to not get paid to go to college, and can't support their family, they're struggling. It's tough to put them in that position, so I'm not that in favor of it but I'm not that opposed to it also because I think coming into this league guys need to be ready. Going to college gets them ready, gets them mentally and physically ready for what's going to happen. So it's a positive, but I don't think you should take food out of a human's mouth.

The race issue has come up. People will say, "why target basketball players and not people in other sports?"

BK: That's always going to be the question. It's been going on in major sports since they've been there. There's no need to limit what we're able to do. Of course there are kids that come into the league at a young age, so now we have to mold the league to be towards that. And help those kids learn how to grow in this league, how to become better financially away from the game, how to better themselves educationally for the future. So you have to adjust toward the changes that are happening, I don't think you should just not give them the opportunity.

You feel good about your play this season?

BK: I did feel good. I felt good that Bernie (Bickerstaff) and the organization took a chance and gave me an opportunity to show that I could still play in this league. And once I got the opportunity, I told myself and my family that I would make the most of it. I was going to go down there and show everyone that I could still do it. And so that was it. I told everyone once I get the opportunity and if I don't go out there and perform, then I can ride off into the sunset. But if I go out there and do what I should do, then I should be rewarded.

People expect major changes with your former team (Memphis). Do you?

BK: You have to expect it with the problems they had toward the end of the year. You would think that in some way, some moves would be made, something to make everyone happy. It kind of seemed like guys weren't just happy in their situation. And when that happens, it's not conducive for winning. So you can definitely see some things happening, and that's part of this game. You have to make moves to try to get better. The organization went from not being able to make it to the playoffs, now expected to make the playoffs. And I try to tell people here in town (Memphis) they're an eighth seed. An eighth seed plays a one seed. There's a reason why it's one and eight. That team that's the one has played great all year. So they'll make the change and hopefully move up and make the organization better.

Have you talked to any Grizzlies about what they think will happen?

BK: No I haven't. That's not my concern. I just check and see how they're doing, how their family is doing and that's it.

Long term, would you like to be with Charlotte or a playoff contender?

BK: I would love to go back to Charlotte. The stability in Charlotte is what is good for myself and my family. But whenever you have a chance to make a run at a ring, that's the ultimate in our game. So that's something I'll have to sit down and think about. Hopefully I'll have to make that choice, but definitely to go back to Charlotte is what I'd like to do just because starting off with a brand new organization, it was new for everyone. We all had a good time together. I felt comfortable there. I think they understand who I am, I understand who they are and it seems to work well, but being a free agent you never close any doors. You keep your eyes open, your ears open for things that may work for you in other places.

Jamie Griffin covers the Grizzlies with WPTY/WLMT in Memphis

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