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Nenad Krstic: "I want to go to the NBA, but I must stay in Partizan"
by Jorge Sierra / July 12, 2003

Are you pleased with your season in Partizan?

Nenad Krstic: I'm very pleased to play for Partizan. We won the national championship and it was a very good season for me.

Personally, what was the best thing of the season for you?

NK: It was a good season overall. I played more time than I used to and that was the best thing for me. This was my second year with the first team of Partizan and I'm very happy.

What are your plans for this summer?

NK: Right now I have gone on holidays in the mountains and then I'll be back with Partizan.

You are going to play the European Championship with the National Team, right?

NK: Yes, yes. I'm going to play the European Championship.

You are going to win it all again, I guess.

NK: Yes, yes, sure (laughs). It is a very young team with very young players. We are very good.

Have you talked with anybody in the Nets organization recently?

NK: I've talked with a coach. They are very excited. They think I have developed well. They hope I can go to New Jersey, but Partizan wants me here.

Your wish is going to the NBA right away, isn't it?

NK: I want to go to the NBA right now, but I have some years left on my contract with Partizan. I have to stay, but my wish is to go. But if Partizan wants me to stay, I must stay.

What has your agent told you about the negotiations between Partizan and the New Jersey Nets?

NK: All I know is that next October I will be with Partizan. I have to stay. In October of the next year, I will be with the New Jersey Nets.

You have four more years left on your contract, right?

NK: Yeah, until I am 24.

Do you know what is buyout of your contract?

NK: I don't know yet, but it's more than $350,000 (the maximum NBA teams are allowed to pay for buyouts). I'll know next season.

Would you be frustrated if, as it seems, you finally have to stay another year in Europe?

NK: It's OK. It will be my third season in the Euroleague and I'm excited about it. But what I want is to play in the NBA.

Jorge Sierra is the editor of HoopsHype.com

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