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Stephon Marbury: "It's so hard to be good and so easy to be bad"
by Steven Koek / March 22, 2002

What are your thoughts on the team’s recent play?

Stephon Marbury: It’s frustrating. We’re not playing four quarters yet, as far as playing defense. I think, like (Head) Coach (Frank Johnson) says, if we can put four quarters together, we can at least give ourselves a chance to win.

Has the Suns recent play done anything to hurt the confidence of this young team?

SM: I don’t think we’ve lost any confidence, I think we’re very frustrated at the way we’ve been playing and today we just concentrated on our defense more than anything.

How tough has it been to see your playoff hopes dwindle in the last few weeks?

SM: It’s hard when you see yourself on the verge of not making it. It’s tough but we’re still professionals, we still have to go out and play.

Is this where you think it’s most important to show the leadership on the floor and in the locker room?

SM: Most definitely… It’s so hard to be good and so easy to be bad in our situation right now… We have to try to just consistently try to go out and play as hard as we can and play defense and try to win games.

Do you try to take the attitude of spoilers as you head down the stretch and play teams battling for the playoffs and positioning?

SM: That’s the situation we are forced to do… I think that’s the only way we can go out and play. It’s not necessarily just trying to be spoilers, it’s trying to get wins.

Can those kinds of games build confidence? If you do knock off some of these playoff teams, does that help build something for next year?

SM: Next year is next year, we gotta finish up this year first.

You face a team Saturday in the Clippers that you were neck and neck with two weeks ago. What do you look for in facing them in Los Angeles?

SM: Those guys have a really good team, they play extremely well together and I think they have something really special out there.

This has been a rough season for you and the team. What positives can you take from this season to forward from here?

SM: You can’t take anything for granted (laughs).

Steven Koek is a regular contributor to HoopsHype.com

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