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Steve Nash: "I didn't ask people to think what I think"
by Morris O'Kelly / March 30, 2003

Is there any city where you have not been asked about your remarks on the conflict in Iraq lately?

Steve Nash: I wasn't asked in Denver most recently, but other than that it's been pretty much every city.

Did you expect your remarks to create such controversy?

SN: My whole point was to get people involved. I wanted people to educate themselves so they could make an informed decision about one ideology or another. I stated my opinion and beliefs, but didn't ask people to think as I think. I wanted it to be like a democracy in the nation's finest hour.

Looking back, would you have made those remarks against war again?

SN: I wouldn't really do too much differently. I don't have much time and energy to do too much more. But I think it's important that people stand up for what they believe in. It's important that people discuss things and we can clear the air.

Have other players expressed support to your position on the conflict privately?

SN: Yes, I've gotten both sides, and I can respect both sides of the issue. And that's what it's all about. You should be able to voice your opinion and respect the voice of the other side. You should be willing to educate yourself and know what it is you're dealing with.

On to basketball... How do you feel about your team at this point in the season?

SN: I feel good, real good. We've been playing a bit up and down, but playing well against the better teams.

How much more time do you think this team needs to be ready for the playoffs?

SN: Not much, we'll be ready. It's just little things; a little better consistency would be good.

What would you say to those who say your team isn't physical enough to compete in the playoffs against teams with dominant big men inside?

SN: You know, that's not our strength. Our team poses different problems, and those teams will have to adjust and deal with them, too.

Do you mean your team speed and transition game or something else?

SN: It's more than just that. Our centers spread the floor, shoot the three and block shots. We can play pick and pop.

What about those in the media who contend that your team doesn't play enough defense overall?

SN: It's just not true, we play a different style than other teams. It's effective, but different. We run the floor, block shots and create turnovers.

The age-old question: Is there any team you'd rather play in the first round depending on where the Lakers end up?

SN: I get that a lot and the other teams should be worried about us. Yes, they are the champs but our team creates problems for everyone else. The playoffs are the playoffs. You just play who is put in front of you.

What's the difference between this team and teams in the past?

SN: We're more determined, knowing that our time is now. And at the same time, we know that other teams should be more concerned about us.

What is the mindset of the team as the season winds down? Is it harder to focus?

SN: No, not at all. We know we have to keep playing hard. We haven't proven anything yet and we know that. We just need to keep on rolling. But teams should be as aware of us as we are of them. What happened in the past is just that, the past. Champion or not.

Morris O'Kelly is a regular contributor to HoopsHype.com

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