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Lamar Odom: "I'm still getting used to Andre Miller"
by Morris O'Kelly / January 10, 2003

The Clippers seem like they've been a revolving door for players. Somebody gets healthy and comes back just as somebody gets injured. How is the team adjusting to your return?

Lamar Odom: It's an ongoing process. Like, I'm still getting used to Andre Miller.
We're still learning each other's game.

Makes sense. You haven't had a lot of time this year on the court with him. Do you think that's why the team has struggled so much lately?

LO: It's a combination of things. We're still trying to get a consistent starting lineup out there every day. You can't just ignore that fact.

How are you feeling personally about your play since you've returned to play?

LO: (Laughs) I guess I'm satisfied. I'm realistic, there's obvious room for improvement.

What part of your game would you like to see pick up for you right now?

LO: My stamina is OK, but that's got to get better. You can't get into real game shape until you start playing games. But that will come with playing consistently.

How are you feeling physically overall?

LO: My ankle tends to stiffen up, sometimes during the game; definitely after the game. But that's all apart of making my way back.

What is your focus out on the court? Are you looking to score first or just let the game come to you?

LO: Right now I try to get the big guys involved first. That sets the tone for the rest of the game. If they get involved early, it opens up my game around the perimeter.

You mentioned that you're still getting used to Andre Miller. How is that dynamic playing out on the court?

LO: We're still getting the flow of each other. Andre now has another guy he can dish to. It'll make things easier as we go along. He'll have one more guy who can finish.

The team just ended a six-game losing streak to the Memphis Grizzlies. Any win is a good win, but the Grizzlies aren't top competition. What should we expect in the immediate future from the team?

LO: A lot of teams hang their head when they're down. We don't. We know just as well as anyone what the expectations are out there. We can't go back and do anything about the games we've lost, so all we can do is move forward.

You talk about the lofty 'expectations' of this team. In the game vs. Memphis the fans were booing Michael Olowokandi each time he touched the ball. In fact, they even applauded when Alvin Gentry substituted for him. What did you think about that?

LO: I didn't notice it at first, but after awhile I noticed it and it's unfortunate. We're doing everything we can out there. We want to win for us and the fans. You don't ever want to see that.

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