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Frederic Weis: "I could have made it in the NBA without the injuries"
by Jorge Sierra / October 1, 2005

Do you feel happy about the bronze medal at the Eurobasket or sad that you lost the chance to play the final?

Frederic Weis: A litte bit of both. In a way, I was a little bit frustrated that we couldn't make it all the way to the final. But I was also happy that we won the bronze medal. We won the last game and we won clearly.

Did you imagine you would end up with a medal with the way you played in preparation games?

FW: I really can't tell you how things were before I arrived, because when I arrived there was only one friendly game left before the Eurobasket. And that game, we won it. Of course, if I went there with the National Team it's because I thought we had options at the European Championship.

There were some reports in the French media that Tony Parker was not happy that you joined the team so late. How was your relationship with Parker during the tournament?

FW: Very good. And as usual, the French media just started to say stupid things. I spoke with him and he told me he had never said anything like that.

There were no problems with the rest of your teammates, right?

FW: No problems. I never have a problem with anybody. I'm a very peaceful guy. No problems at all.

You've established yourself as a good player in the Spanish League now... But does the idea of playing in the NBA still cross your mind at times?

FW: Sometimes it does. If the chance presents itself, I would go. But I'm under contract now, so...

What happened exactly with the Knicks?

FW: They selected me at No. 15, but I had a back injury and I couldn't go there. I would have had a good opportunity to make it without the injury, but time passed... And there was no longer an obligation for me to go there.

Do you think you could have had a good NBA career without the injury problems?

FW: The fact is before these injury problem in my back, I was playing very well with Limoges (his French club). You can't re-write history, but with a little bit of luck I think I could have made it there.

When was the last time somebody from the Knicks contacted you?

FW: Almost never. I have barely been in touch with them. They contacted my agent directly.

Are you happy with the way your career has gone or were you expecting a little bit more?

FW: The problem has been that the one serious injury I've had it was much more serious that I expected. Now I'm better and I feel ready to keep playing seven or eight more years like this.

What do you think is your biggest achievement as a player so far? The silver medal at the the 2000 Olympics, maybe?

FW: That could very well be. It was a very good moment. But there had been others. For example, we won all the titles with Limoges one year. Winning three titles the same season, that's not bad.

A lot of people in the United States remember you mainly because of that famous Vince Carter dunk during the 2000 Olympics. Does that bother you?

FW: Why? I didn't do anything. It was just him doing something incredible. I can only imagine... If he jumped over me, he can jump over anybody! If people laugh, I laugh too. At least I can I say I once played against him.

Jorge Sierra is the editor of HoopsHype.com

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