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United States (Group A)

Carmelo Anthony SF 6-8 5/29/84 New York Knicks
Has played both forward spots for Team USA and very effectively so.
Kobe Bryant SG 6-6 8/23/78 Los Angeles Lakers
Still the go-to guy in the fourth quarter if there's a close game for the Americans?
Tyson Chandler C 7-1 10/02/82 New York Knicks
The only player above 6-10 on the team. Will not get many touches on the offensive end, but should be a defensive stalwart for the American.
Anthony Davis PF 6-10 3/11/93 New Orleans Hornets
This year's Christian Laettner. Unlikely to see the floor much. Doesn't make the team if not for the flurry of injuries.
Kevin Durant SF 6-9 9/29/88 Oklahoma City Thunder
Absolutely dominated at the 2010 World Championship in Turkey. Will not be such a featured offensive player this time.
James Harden SG 6-5 8/26/89 Oklahoma City Thunder
Will bring scoring off the bench when needed. Will not log major minutes.
Andre Iguodala SF 6-6 8/21/84 Philadelphia 76ers
A defensive stopper for Team USA. Looked great playing that role in Turkey.
LeBron James SF 6-8 12/30/84 Miami Heat
The best player in the NBA may not necessarily be the top player of the U.S. team. Should still be dominant, obviously. 
Kevin Love PF 6-10 9/07/88 Minnesota Timberwolves
Probably thought he'd have an important role, but that remains to be seen. The worst athlete on the team.
Chris Paul PG 6-0 5/06/85 Los Angeles Clippers
A fast break waiting to happen with him on the floor. Will share point guard duties with Deron Williams.
Russell Westbrook PG 6-3 11/12/88 Oklahoma City Thunder
Otherwordly athleticism. Will harass overmatched guards defensively and run the break for easy baskets.
Deron Williams PG 6-3 6/26/84 Brooklyn Nets
Has more FIBA experience than the rest of his teammates having played in Turkey during the lockout.

Argentina (Group A)

Facundo Campazzo PG 5-10 3/23/91 Peñarol
The only player younger than 25. Blocked Kobe Bryant's shot once in a friendly game. A promising point guard for the future.
Carlos Delfino SF 6-6 8/29/82 Milwaukee Bucks
May not be at full strength. Has been recovering from injury.
Manu Ginobili SG 6-6 7/28/77 San Antonio Spurs
Led Argentina to the Olympic medal in 2004. Plays with a passion you don't often see on a basketball court.
Juan Gutierrez PF 6-9 10/10/83 Obras Sanitarias
The absence of Fabricio Oberto will force him to play center most of the time. Undersized and not oozing with talent, but a hard-worker.
Leo Gutierrez PF 6-7 5/16/78 Peñarol
Two-time Olympic medalist. Brings experience and outside shooting to the team.
Hernan Jasen SF 6-6 2/04/78 Banca Civica (Spain)
Pure intensity on the court. Past his prime, but a decent backup for Andres Nocioni.
Federico Kammerichs PF 6-8 6/21/80 Regatas Corrientes
One of the most charismatic and intense players on the squad. Was drafted by the Blazers.
Martin Leiva C 6-11 4/23/80 Peñarol
A veteran rookie for the National Team. Shot 32 percent from the charity stripe last season.
Marcos Mata SF 6-7 8/01/86 Peñarol
The last player to get a spot in the final list. Good shooter and decent defender.
Andres Nocioni SF 6-7 11/30/79 Caja Laboral (Spain)
His best years are behind him. Will play his usual physical, borderline nasty basketball.
Pablo Prigioni PG 6-3 5/17/77 New York Knicks
An intelligent, pass-first point guard and a leader on the court. A 35-year-old rookie for the Knicks the upcoming season.
Luis Scola PF 6-9 4/30/80 Phoenix Suns
Ginobili is Argentina's all-time best player, but Scola has been the No. 1 guy with the National Team. A beast in FIBA competitions.

Australia (Group B)

David Andersen C 6-11 6/23/80 Montepaschi Siena (Italy)
Despite his unsuccessful stint in the NBA he's still one of the best big men in Europe. More talent than intensity.
David Barlow SF 6-9 10/22/83 Murcia (Spain)
A good and tall shooter that shies away from the paint. Really dangerous from three.
Aron Baynes C 6-9 12/09/86 Ikaros Kallitheas (Greece)
Will have more minutes than usual due to Andrew Bogut's absence. Too inconsistent to be an important player.
Peter Crawford SG 6-4 11/06/79 Townsville Crocodiles
A shooter first and foremost. Has played in Australia throughout his career.
Matthew Dellavedova PG 6-0 9/08/90 Saint Mary's
The Gaels' star will be the backup for Patrick Mills. Good passer, but still too raw to compete with the big guys.
Adam Gibson PG 6-2 10/30/86 Gold Coast Blaze
Combo guard. Average shooter and passer. A reserve in London.
Joe Ingles SF 6-8 10/02/87 FC Barcelona (Spain)
Can play both forward spots. Will be key on the offensive end. Intense defender.
Aleks Maric C 6-11 10/22/84 Panathinaikos (Greece)
Talented but inconsistent center who would have preferred to play for Serbia instead of Australia. 
Patrick Mills PG 6-0 8/11/88 San Antonio Spurs
Australia's most dangerous player. Extremely quick point guard that doesn't always make the best decisions.
Brad Newley SF 6-6 2/18/85 Valencia Basket (Spain)
An really athletic and quick forward with an unreliable shot.
Matt Nielsen PF 6-10 2/03/78 Khimki Moscow (Russia)
One of the best defensive big men in Europe for years. Past his prime.
Mark Worthington SF 6-8 1/08/83 Gold Coast Blaze
Tough, strong forward that's at this best close to the rim. His club in Australia folded a few days ago.

Brazil (Group B)

Leandrinho Barbosa SG 6-3 11/28/82 Indiana Pacers
Bombed pretty bad for Indiana in the playoffs. Very creative scorer. Shot selection is often an issue.
Alex Garcia SG 6-3 3/04/80 Universo
An underrated defender. Always one of the most important players on the team.
Guilherme Giovannoni PF 6-8 7/02/80 Universo
Made his debut with Brazil in 2002. Hard-working forward that can also score.
Nenê C 6-11 9/13/82 Washington Wizards
Returns to the Brazilian National Team several years later. A beast down low. Should dominate at the Games.
Marcelinho Huertas PG 6-3 5/25/83 FC Barcelona (Spain)
One of the best point guards outside the NBA. Very creative. Andre Iguodala said he's been one of the toughest defensive assignments he's had in FIBA competition.
Marcelinho Machado SF 6-7 4/12/75 Flamengo
A very talented scorer that will make his Olympic debut at age 37.
Raul Neto PG 6-0 5/19/92 Lagun Aro (Spain)
A good backup for Huertas, the young point guard only needs more experience to be an elite point guard.
Tiago Splitter C 6-11 1/01/85 San Antonio Spurs
Has not lived up to the expectations in the NBA, but should excel with Brazil on a bigger role.
Larry James Taylor SG 6-1 10/03/80 Bauru
Combo-guard born in Chicago and naturalized Brazilian, will play his first international tournament.
Caio Torres C 6-11 6/03/87 Flamengo
Strong center, but not skilled enough to get minutes in the crowded Brazilian frontcourt.
Anderson Varejao PF 6-11 9/28/82 Cleveland Cavaliers
Missed the whole season due to injury. Brazil can count on his hustle. Playing against him is a pain.
Marquinhos Vieira SF 6-9 5/31/84 Pinheiros
A star in the Brazilian league. One of the best shooters of the team.

China (Group B)

Chen Jianghua PG 6-2 3/21/89 Guangdong Tigers
One of the best Chinese prospects years ago, but injuries have slowed down his progress. Good slasher, but can't hit the three.
Ding Jinhui C 6-8 10/27/89 Zhejiang Cyclones
Undersized center, but skilled and strong. Could be one a key players in the future for China.
Guo Ailun PG 6-4 11/14/93 Liaoning Hunters
Promising point guard. Undeniably talented but still too raw to make an impact  in London.
Liu Wei PG 6-3 1/15/80 Shanghai Sharks
The starting point guard for a team usually weak at the position. Not a great playmaker.
Sun Yue SG 6-9 11/06/85 Beijing Olympians
Was once called the Chinese Magic Johnson. His erratic career is starting to make him look like a lost case.
Wang Shipeng SG 6-6 4/06/83 Guangdong Tigers
Inconsistent at times, but one of the few Chinese players who can create his own shot.
Wang Zhizhi C 7-0 7/08/79 Bayi Fubang
Fourth Olympic Games for him. Still getting a lot of minutes and hitting threes.
Yi Jianlian PF 6-11 10/27/87 Dallas Mavericks
A total disappointment in the NBA. A leader for China. Had a good tournament in Turkey two years ago.
Yi Li SF 6-8 11/07/85 Jiangsu Dragons
Quick and athletic forward. Brings energy off the bench.
Zhang Zhaoxu C 7-3 11/18/87 Shanghai Sharks
The tallest player of the tournament won't make any difference. Slow and totally unskilled.
Zhou Peng SF 6-9 10/11/89 Guangdong Tigers
The best perimeter defender on the team and a decent shooter.
Zhu Fangyu SF 6-7 1/05/83 Guangdong Tigers
The experienced forward if the Chinese League's all-time leading scorer.

France (Group A)

Nicolas Batum SF 6-7 12/14/88 Portland Trail Blazers
One of the top international players already. His role with the French team grows every year. Too  long, skilled and athletic for most of his opponents.
Yannick Bokolo PG 6-2 6/19/85 Gravelines
Has the quickness and the athleticism, but not the playmaking skills.
Fabien Causeur SG 6-4 6/16/87 Caja Laboral (Spain)
A promising lefty combo guard who completed an amazing season in the French league. A great backup for Parker and De Colo.
Nando De Colo SG 6-5 6/23/87 San Antonio Spurs
The brand new Spur will be the starting shooting guard but can also get minutes as a playmaker. The most unpredictable player on the team.
Boris Diaw PF 6-8 4/16/82 San Antonio Spurs
The do-it-all Diaw is a key component to France's success. Conditioning is a little better than it used to be.
Yakhouba Diawara SF 6-7 8/29/82 Cimberio Varese (Italy)
After an unsuccessful stint in the NBA, the forward got a spot in the French squad as a defensive specialist.
Mickael Gelabale SG 6-7 8/16/83 Khimki Moscow (Russia)
The athleticism is no longer there after all the injuries, but has really developed his jump shot.
Tony Parker PG 6-2 5/17/82 San Antonio Spurs
Unfair combination of quickness and skills. It all starts with Tony Parker for France.
Florent Pietrus PF 6-8 1/19/81 Valencia Basket (Spain)
Mickael's brother lacks the talent of the Celtics forward but still brings a lot of dirty work on the paint.
Kevin Seraphin C 6-9 12/07/89 Washington Wizards
Very long and athletic. Still green. Should have a more significant role in upcoming FIBA tournaments.
Ali Traore PF 6-9 2/28/85 Lokomotiv Kuban (Russia)
Effective big man on the offensive end thanks to his great footwork. Not intense enough as a defender.
Ronny Turiaf C 6-9 1/13/83 Miami Heat
A defensive force in FIBA basketball. Doesn't score in international ball either.

Great Britain (Group B)

Kieron Achara C 6-10 7/03/83 Manresa (Spain)
A hard-working center that focuses on playing tough defense.
Robert Archibald C 6-10 3/29/80 CAI Zaragoza (Spain)
Former NBA center that will retire after the Olympics. A veteran leader.
Eric Boateng C 6-10 11/20/85 Peristeri (Greece)
Once a promising player. Has not fulfilled his potential.
Daniel Clark PF 6-11 9/16/88 Estudiantes (Spain)
Soft in the paint, but can make a difference with his outside shooting.
Luol Deng SF 6-9 4/16/85 Chicago Bulls
Will not play at 100 percent, but he's still leaps and bounds ahead of his teammates.
Joel Freeland PF 6-10 2/07/87 Portland Trail Blazers
The new Blazer is considered one of the best offensive European big men. A great finisher.
Kyle Johnson SG 6-5 12/31/88 Apoel Nicosia (Cyprus)
Born in Canada, played last season in Cyprus. May get a contract in a better league with a good outing in London.
Andrew Lawrence PG 6-5 6/04/90 College of Charleston
About to start his senior year in college, this quick and athletic center will get a valuable experience in London.
Mike Lenzly PG 6-2 5/01/81 CEZ Nymburk (Czech Republic)
The starting point guard in previous tournaments. Better defender than playmaker.
Pops Mensah-Bonsu C 6-9 9/07/83 Besiktas (Turkey)
Dunk-happy forward that stars in European basketball, but has been a fringe player at best in pro American basketball.
Nate Reinking SG 6-0 12/12/73 Sheffield Sharks
The oldest player in the tournament. Will also retire afer the Games.
Drew Sullivan SF 6-8 2/12/80 Leicester Riders
Former Villanova player. The captain of the British squad is short on talent, but long on fight.

Lithuania (Group A)

Simas Jasaitis SF 6-8 3/26/82 Lokomotiv Kuban (Russia)
Outstanding shooter. Didn't take part in Olympic Qualifying Tournament due to injury.
Paulius Jankunas PF 6-9 4/29/84 Zalgiris Kaunas
Will play at the power forward and center positions for Lithuania.
Sarunas Jasikevicius PG 6-4 3/05/76 Panathinaikos (Greece)
A true Euro legend that could play his last big tournament in London. Very smart, terrific shooter. Disappointed in the NBA.
Mantas Kalnietis PG 6-5 9/06/86 Zalgiris Kaunas
Good scoring skills at the point guard position. Too inconsistent.
Rimantas Kaukenas SG 6-4 4/11/77 Montepaschi Siena (Italy)
Veteran scorer in the twilight of his career. Still hitting threes.
Antanas Kavaliauskas PF 6-9 9/19/84 VEF Riga (Latvia)
A hard-nosed player with a decent jump shot.
Linas Kleiza SF 6-8 1/03/85 Toronto Raptors
Strong forward with the ability to hit three-pointers and grab quite a few rebounds. Has not shown much progress lately.
Jonas Maciulis SF 6-7 2/10/85 Montepaschi Siena (Italy)
Probably the second best scorer on the team behind Kleiza. Reliable shooter and good slasher to the basket.
Martynas Pocius SG 6-5 4/28/86 Real Madrid (Spain)
Former Blue Devil. An explosive player with a good three-point shot.
Renaldas Seibutis SG 6-5 7/23/85 Lietuvos Rytas
Brings a defensive mindset off the bench for the National Team.
Darius Songaila PF 6-9 2/14/78 CB Valladolid (Spain)
Well past his prime. Will be a veteran locker room leader for Lithuania.
Jonas Valanciunas C 6-11 5/06/92 Toronto Raptors
His chemistry with Jasikevicius in pick-and-roll situations is improving every day. The new Raptor could be one of the sensations of the tournament.

Nigeria (Group A)

Alade Aminu C 6-11 9/14/87 Elan Chalon (France)
Al-Farouq's brother. Was a promising prospect years ago. Now trying to develop his post-up game in Europe.
Al-Farouq Aminu SF 6-9 9/21/90 New Orleans Hornets
An athletic freak. Has not yet played like a lottery pick in the NBA. Must really step up for Nigeria to have a shot of advancing to the second round.
Koko Archibong SF 6-9 5/10/81 Giessen 46ers (Germany)
Was a member of the Lakers for a little while. A defensive role player for Nigeria.
Ade Dagunduro PG 6-5 5/22/86 Leuven Bears (Belgium)
Showed in the last Olympic Qualifying Tournament that he can be a clutch player. Very flashy.
Ike Diogu PF 6-10 9/11/83 Capitanes de Arecibo (Puerto Rico)
Nigeria's go-to guy in the post. Likely to lead the team in scoring.
Ekene Ibekwe PF 6-11 7/19/85 Bayreuth (Germany)
An athletic big man, the former Terrapin struggles when facing stronger opponents in the paint.
Derrick Obasohan SG 6-6 4/18/81 Cocodrilos de Caracas (Venezuela)
Can be a key player if he gets hot from the three-point line.
Chamberlain Oguchi SG 6-6 4/28/86 Meralco Bolts (Philippines)
Shot 39 three-pointers in just four games in the Philippines. Made just seven.
Richard Oruche SG 6-4 8/30/87 Academica Coimbra (Portugal)
Played in the weak Portuguese League last season. Won't see much court time.
Olumide Oyedeji C 6-11 5/11/81 Quingdao Double Star (China)
Jumps and runs, not as much as he did during his Seattle days.
Tony Skinn PG 6-3 2/08/83 Ironi Ashkelon (Israel)
Unlike many of his teammates, he was born in Nigeria. At his best driving to the basket.
Ejike Ugboaja PF 6-9 5/28/85 Jahesh Tarabar Qom (Iran)
A double-double machine in Iran, for what that's worth.

Russia (Group B)

Semen Antonov PF 6-9 7/18/89 Nizhny Novgorod
Promising power forward with good rebounding skills.
Vitaliy Fridzon SG 6-5 10/14/85 Khimki Moscow
A superb scorer from three-point range. Lacks defensive toughness.
Sergey Karassev SG 6-7 10/26/93 Triumph Lyubertsy
A player to watch out for in the future. Very talented and quick.
Sasha Kaun C 6-11 5/08/85 CSKA Moscow
The Cavs' draftee is yet another huge body for the Russians. Injuries have slowed him down the last few years.
Dimitriy Khvostov PG 6-3 8/21/89 Khimki Moscow
Probably the 12th player on the team. Averaged 11.3 minutes per game in the Russian League last season.
Viktor Khryapa PF 6-8 8/03/82 CSKA Moscow
An all-around forward with a perfect chemistry with Kirilenko. One of the most complete players in Europe.
Andrei Kirilenko SF 6-9 2/18/81 CSKA Moscow
Last year's Euroleague MVP. Few players are better off the ball than him. Can really fill the stat sheet.
Sergey Monya SF 6-8 4/15/83 Khimki Moscow
Solid rotation player who can play both forward positions. Dangerous shooter and a good defender.
Timofey Mozgov C 7-1 7/16/86 Denver Nuggets
Huge body with very good mobility. Imposing presence in the paint.
Anton Ponkhrasov PG 6-7 4/23/86 CSKA Moscow
An oversized point guard with good passing skills. Will spend most time on the bench.
Alexey Shved SG 6-5 12/16/88 CSKA Moscow
Possesses NBA talent and athleticism. Able to hit shots from all over the court.
Evgeny Voronov SG 6-4 5/07/86 CSKA Moscow
Will work hard on the defensive end. Can score some.

Spain (Group B)

Jose Manuel Calderon PG 6-3 9/29/81 Toronto Raptors
Legs are not as springy, but the high basketball IQ and solid outside shot are still there.
Victor Claver PF 6-8 8/30/88 Portland Trail Blazers
Talented and explosive forward that doesn't always play hard. Will have to prove he's a legit NBA player in London.
Rudy Fernandez SG 6-5 4/04/85 Real Madrid
Not just a three-point shooter for Spain. Will have the chance to showcase his ballhandling, passing and athleticism at the Olympics.
Marc Gasol C 7-1 1/29/85 Memphis Grizzlies
It's not out of the question that Marc becomes the No. 1 option for Spain in London. Will have to play like an All-Star center and more vs. the United States.
Pau Gasol PF 7-1 7/06/80 Los Angeles Lakers
The most dominant player in FIBA competitions over the last decade. Can he sustain the level of excellence of previous tournaments?
Serge Ibaka PF 6-9 9/18/89 Oklahoma City Thunder
Ultra-athletic forward that blocks shots like no other and can hit the mid-range shot. Great addition for the Spanish National Team.
Sergio Llull SG 6-3 11/15/87 Real Madrid
Flamboyant combo-guard that likes to take gambles offensively and defensively. Able to win or lose a game by himself.
Juan Carlos Navarro SG 6-3 6/13/80 FC Barcelona
One of the smoothest scorers in FIBA basketball history. Recovering from a foot injury. May not play at 100 percent.
Felipe Reyes C 6-9 3/16/80 Real Madrid
Undersized center, but essential to Spain for years because of his intensity. Doesn't fear any opponent.
Sergio Rodriguez PG 6-3 6/12/86 Real Madrid
Flashy point guard that can really create off the dribble. Jump shot and defense are suspect.
Victor Sada PG 6-4 3/08/84 FC Barcelona
A bulldog defensively and a puppy on the offensive end. Effective as a high-energy player in limited minutes.
Fernando San Emeterio SF 6-6 1/01/84 Caja Laboral
Not as talented as many of his teammates, but he plays hard.

Tunisia (Group A)

Makrem Ben Romhadne PF 6-8 3/27/89 Etoile du Sahel
The best Tunisian player in the games leading up to London. Good scorer, quick and skilled.
Mourad El Mabrouk SG 6-1 10/19/86 Ezzahra Sport
Undersized shooting guard. Will probably start.
Youssef Gaddour PF 6-8 3/15/90 US Monastir
Makes his debut in a big tournament in the Olympic Games.
Mokhtar Ghyaza C 6-8 11/15/86 ES Rades
Backup center for Mejri. Plays hard and can hit the mid-range shot.
Mohamed Hadidane PF 6-9 4/27/86 Stade Nabeulien
A stretch four that plays with good effort, which happens to be Tunisia's best quality.
Mehdi Jamel Hafsi C 6-8 2/28/78 AS Monaco Basket (France)
Veteran undersized center who has played in Europe during his whole career.
Marouan Kechrid PG 5-10 6/02/81 Etoile du Sahel
The brains of the Tunisian squad.
Nizar Knioua PG 6-2 6/08/83 Stade Nabeulien
An energetic combo guard without a reliable shot.
Marouj Laghnej PG 6-3 4/22/86 JS Kairouan
Backup point guard for Kechrid.
Salah Mejri C 7-0 6/15/86 Antwerp (Belgium)
Played in the last summer league with the Utah Jazz. Averaged 7.3 ppg and 7.2 rpg in Belgium.
Amine Rzig SF 6-3 8/25/80 Etoile du Sahel
Taltented and inconsistent. Looked terrible in the 2010 World Championship.
Radhouane Slimane C 6-9 8/16/80 Al Hilal (Saudi Arabia)
Well-traveled center. Has played in Tunisia, Portugal, the Emirates and Arabia Saudi.