Abe Pollin
Seasons: 47
Playoffs: 25
Division Titles: 7
Conference Titles: 3
NBA Titles: 1
  Net worth: $180 million
Team bought for: $1 million (1964)
Current value of the team: $313 million
Biggest contract offered: $111 million (Gilbert Arenas, 2008)
Head coaches hired: 18 (Buddy Jeannette, Paul Seymour, Mike Farmer, Gene Shue, KC Jones, Dick Motta, Kevin Loughery, Wes Unseld, Jim Lynam, Bernie Bickerstaff, Jim Brovelli, Darrell Walker, Gar Heard, Leonard Hamilton, Doug Collins, Eddie Jordan, Ed Tapscott and Flip Saunders.)

Sources: Forbes and USA Today.