AJ Hammons Rumors

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A.J. Hammons attended Purdue basketball’s season-ending banquet with a bandaged cut above his right eye. The abrasion resulted from a practice headbutt — inadvertent, Hammons clarified — from Boilermakers assistant Brandon Brantley. But that hasn’t been the only recent headache for Hammons, who continues to gather information about his professional stock while mulling whether or not to enter the NBA draft. “It’s something I think about a lot, but I’ve still got school to worry about,” said Hammons, a 7-foot sophomore center. “It’s a big decision, with family and everything else involved. You can never come back and play the college game, so that would be kind of hard. It’s something I’ve got to make — it’s a life decision.”
A.J. Hammons insists school, not the NBA, is his focus right now. But Purdue’s 7-foot sophomore center admits there’s a big decision in his future, and he’s in the process of gathering the prudent information. Hammons says he’s turning to everything from coaches to Internet sources to decide if the time is right to pursue the NBA draft. “I know I can play in the NBA, but it’s just, am I ready to? That’s the only problem,” Hammons said. “I’ve heard it before. I know I can do it, it’s just putting in a lot of hard work, and that’s something I’ve been trying to do.”