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Alan Anderson
Alan Anderson
Position: None
Born: 10/16/82
Height: 6-6 / 1.98
Weight:220 lbs. / 99.8 kg.
The Timberwolves auditioned a smattering of free agents Wednesday morning in a workout that included many of their signed players now that training camp is little more than two weeks away. The list included players such as power forwards Thomas Robinson and Perry Jones, shooter Anthony Morrow, point guards Trey Burke and Isaiah Canaan as well as Minnesotans Alan Anderson and Matt Janning.
Storyline: Anthony Morrow Free Agency
Oh, to be clear, I’m not talking about the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors battling in the NBA Finals. I’m, of course, referring to Lue’s dominant 2010 pick-up squad that is the stuff of legend at Las Vegas’ Impact Basketball – where many NBA stars have trained over the years. Back when Lue was still playing, he was the captain of a five-man squad that also featured Alan Anderson, Jared Dudley, Tayshaun Prince and Patrick O’Bryant. This team managed to win every seven-game series during Impact’s open run for three straight weeks – meaning they were king of the court for a significant portion of the offseason.
So how did Lue, Anderson, Dudley, Prince and O’Bryant manage to beat talented squad after talented squad (some of which were assembled with the sole purpose of beating them in mind)? One Impact staffer explained why the underdog squad was so good: “Alan Anderson was pissed off that he wasn’t in the NBA yet, so he would score lights out and always played with a chip on his shoulder. He wanted to show he belonged. Ty Lue ran the pick-and-roll to perfection. Jared Dudley always made the smart play and was shooting really well. Tayshaun Prince was probably their best all-around player. Overall, they were a really smart team; their basketball IQ was excellent. Even though it was a pick-up game, they played excellent help-side defense. They would double-team and frustrate the other team so much. For a while, they couldn’t lose.”
Dudley said that the team’s success just came down to their high basketball IQ, the fact that their players complemented each other really well, the chemistry they quickly developed over those three weeks and a little bit of luck. “We had all been playing together at Impact for years, so we had great chemistry and we all knew our role within the team,” he said. “T-Lue and I used to always be on the same team. He’d form his team and we’d usually end up on the same squad. And we used to call Alan Anderson ‘Kobe’ because he was a pick-up killer. He was playing overseas at that point, but he was a monster and would score the majority of our points. He was trying to prove himself. Patrick O’Bryant was playing overseas at this point too. Everyone was asking, ‘How are these guys winning without a true star?!’ Tayshaun was our most well-known player, but we really played a Detroit Pistons-style where we all played together and knew our role.