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Alec Burks
Alec Burks
Position: G
Born: 07/20/91
Height: 6-6 / 1.98
Weight:202 lbs. / 91.7 kg.
Salary: $9,213,484
On account of the Jazz’s youth, Snyder says they remain a moving target as it pertains to what must be added. They need more perimeter shooting, but then, nobody’s ready to shut an eye to what Hood and Exum might become, or what a healthy Alec Burks might add to the mix. “We’re capable of shooting the ball better with the guys we’ve got,” Snyder says. “We’ll get better offensively as guys get more comfortable with each other. … We have so many young variables. I think there’s really a sense that we don’t need to jump the gun and say, ‘we need this, we need this,’ we’re just going to try to be patient, and that’s really how we went about last year. We’re in this thing for sustainability. Sometimes, that requires more patience. We’ve got committed guys.”
Q: What changed over the last couple of weeks? Dennis Lindsey: “Just over time we got more information. As you guys know, it was no secret, Alec was wearing a pad and has a previous history. As we went through more pre-hab, practices, games, I think we got more and more information and the reality of the situation, I think, hit Alec as well. … Just that running conversation as much as anything.” Q: Can you tell us more about the injury? All we’ve been tad is that it’s a shoulder injury? Dennis Lindsey: “Yeah. I’m a layman, so I really can’t. I’ll let the medical experts. We’re bound by HIPAA on what exactly we can share. It’s a fairly common shoulder injury in contact athletes, and we’re very confident that he’ll come back 100 percent given the history of this type of injury”
Q: Did the team know about his shoulder issues when you worked out his four-year, $42-million contract extension? Jazz general manager Dennis Lindsey: “Yeah. We knew because we knew about it during the draft. This is an inure that predated Alec and the Utah Jazz. … Really, I think as much as anything, the reason why he was so durable is a credit to Alec, [trainer Gary Briggs and strength coach Mark McKown] and all the pre-hab.”
“Alec’s long-term health has been our top priority throughout this process, and although it is unfortunate that we will be without his services on the court the rest of this season, we commend Alec’s commitment and continued effort to play through considerable pain to this point,” said Jazz General Manager Dennis Lindsey. “After continued consultation with our medical staff, Alec and his representation, we have unanimously agreed that it would be most prudent for Alec to have this procedure performed now in order to ensure that he will be healthy and ready for the start of next season.”