Alexandre Paranhos Rumors

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Alexandre has really developed over the past 12-14 months. He was the star of the Liga Desenvolvimento Olimpico (LDO), which is the second most important league in Brazil. I put a copy of the national champioship game on youtube. Yesterday he worked out in Houston for the Rockets.To see that I am not exaggerating about him having Lebron’ s physique, his measurements from today yesterday were: Height: 6’8″ Weight: 241 lbs Wingspan: 7’3″ Bodyfat: 9% After the workout I met people from the Rockets and I think they were very impressed with Alexandre.
Now that Barbosa is a millionaire, he’s going to no small amount of trouble, with the help of his brother Artur, to smooth the path for future Brazilian prodigies, investing in facilities and training that could make the difference for future NBA players. The Barbosas are particularly excited about one prospect in particular, named Alexandre Paranhos, who is eligible for the 2013 NBA draft, but barely on anybody’s radar.