Alexis Wangmene Rumors

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But he’s got other priorities now. Wangmene established Leading Through Reading, a burgeoning nonprofit aimed at building libraries in Cameroon and other countries. The African way, Wangmene says, is to be patient, unlike the NBA in waiting for that African pipeline to develop organically. He wants to be at the forefront now, establishing learning centers in Maroua and other cities to teach languages, nutrition, and education.
R.C. Buford still wants Wangmene to reach his potential. He’s his father here, and his advocate everywhere. “With his mom passing, there’s been a lot of guilt that Lex feels over that — almost that
, ‘Did she die of a broken heart?'” Buford said. “I don’t think that’s the case, but it’s definitely something that weighs on him.” Wangmene plays only a handful of minutes most nights. He never got off the bench against Canton. His dreams of playing in the NBA are dimming. But Buford brushed aside the question of nepotism. “He had a good college career,” he said. “The Development League is made up of hundreds of people with parallel college careers to Lex.”