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Allen Iverson
Allen Iverson
Position: None
Born: 06/07/75
Height: 6-0 / 1.83
Weight:164 lbs. / 74.8 kg.
Iverson lost custody of his children in the divorce proceedings. But before long it leaked out that he and Tawanna were talking again, then even vacationing together again in Hawaii with at least one of their children. Today, a rapprochement seems to have been reached. Tawanna was in the audience Tuesday when Iverson picked up his award, and in his closing, he acknowledged her and everyone else who has kept the faith in him: “I want to thank my family, my friends, this is a tribute to y’all and my fans for believing in me and helping me get to this point. My kids. I want to thank y’all for being that crutch when everything is not going so well. I get to come home and see y’all and use you as a crutch.
Iverson and the crew all made it back to America safe and sound. But the damage remains in China. Iverson’s fans were completely misled and misinformed causing a bad spell on his image. Li Dong and David Lee, two Chinese agents looking to become big players in the market had no regard for proper business etiquette. They took this opportunity as a cash grab, without any consideration for Iverson or his fans, they saw dollars signs and stopped at nothing to grab it. While Iverson still loves his fans in China, he had this to say, “I will never come back to China because of David Lee and Li Dong.”
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At this point Abdur-Rahim is crushed. He’s known Li Dong for over two year and thought he had built a solid relationship with him but that all collapsed. Li Dong embarrassed Abdur-Rahim, who was representing Iverson. “It was a really, really bad feeling. To know that the people you are supposed to trust and do business with are lying to you and misleading the public.” But things got really scary when the Hefei government sided with Li Dong and David Lee rather than offer protection like the Xi’An government did. “In Hefei, the government wouldn’t even show up. We called down from our room, and the staff at the Westin hotel said the government wants Iverson to play and they weren’t coming. Then they cut all the phone lines from our room so we couldn’t call out.”
via Basketball Buddha