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Allen Iverson
Allen Iverson
Position: None
Born: 06/07/75
Height: 6-0 / 1.83
Weight:164 lbs. / 74.8 kg.
Basketball did not resonate. “I went to a practice, and I didn’t like it,” said Antetokounmpo, who was about 12 at the time. “I wanted to be a soccer player.” Allen Iverson changed all that. “He had the cornrows and the way he wore his shorts,” Antetokounmpo said. “I watched those videos and tried to make the same moves. That’s when I fell in love with basketball when I was 13-14. I was around his height. I didn’t know I would grow this tall. I had a Nuggets shirt that said ‘Iverson’. I would play out in the cold on that court making moves like Iverson.”
He [was drafted] No. 45, to the 76ers, where he became Iverson’s rook. Instead of waking up at 5:30 a.m., Louis Williams was going to bed then. “A.I. didn’t ask me to do a bunch of stuff for him,” Williams remembers. “He just wanted me around. Usually we were at the Friday’s in Philly, which he should have bought, because he was there so much. But once he took me to a casino in Atlantic City even though I couldn’t get in. So I sat in the lobby while he gambled. It was fine with me. I was with my idol.”
SLAM: If this was around during your time and you were asked to be a captain, who are the other four players you’re choosing? Gary Payton: [Laughs]. It depends because you know how it’s going to go. One person might pick and then my player might not be there. But if I would’ve had an opportunity to pick my four, I would’ve had to go with John Stockton, Karl Malone, Shaquille [O’Neal] and I’d probably try to get Allen Iverson.
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