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Allen Iverson
Allen Iverson
Position: None
Born: 06/07/75
Height: 6-0 / 1.83
Weight:164 lbs. / 74.8 kg.
Allen Iverson left a big imprint on the NBA. Basketball fans remember his reckless playing style, his devastating crossover and his liberal views on “practice.” But it has become clear that his biggest legacy is this: Now everyone wears sleeves. The NBA’s sleeve revolution began in the early 2000s when then Philadelphia 76ers trainer, Lenny Currier, thought Iverson needed added compression. He obtained a roll of “tubular sleeve” and measured a length that would stretch from Iverson’s bicep to his wrist. Before long, Iverson was sporting sleeves that matched his jersey. “He started to wear it and felt very comfortable with it,” said Currier, who is now the director of sports medicine at Villanova.
Ten years ago on Oct. 17, 2005, NBA players received a surprising memo from then-commissioner David Stern. A league-wide dress code was going into effect. No more baggy jeans. No fitted baseball caps. No XXXL white T-shirts. No Timberland boots. Oversized necklaces – even ones with religious pendants – were also out. Players were not happy. Some jokingly called it the “A.I. rule” after Philadelphia 76ers guard Allen Iverson. Some thought it was racist toward black players or a slap at the hip-hop community. “I remember a lot of guys being upset with it,” said San Antonio Spurs forward David West who was then playing for the New Orleans Hornets. “A lot of guys thought they were being too intrusive. … I just remember felling like, ‘Damn, I’m a grown man and someone is telling me what to wear.’
West, however, ignored the rule and continued to wear sweats to games. His wallet faced the consequences. He said the league had fashion police at NBA arenas, and they took pictures and reported players who didn’t adhere to the dress code. “I didn’t really change much,” West said. “I got fined a couple times because I’d rather be comfortable. My comfort comes first before anybody else.”