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Amir Johnson
Amir Johnson
Position: C-F
Born: 05/01/87
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:210 lbs. / 95.3 kg.
Salary: $11,000,000
Amir Johnson hasn’t been around Ben Simmons long, but he’s already seen enough to draw some pretty strong, complementary conclusions. During a series of voluntary workouts that began at the Sixers’ training complex earlier this week, Johnson, a 13-year veteran, was given his first chance to see the 2016 No. 1 pick up close. Johnson’s impression? “I truly believe definitely Ben is going to be the future of this league coming down the road,” the big man said Thursday. “He’s been great.”
The 6-foot-10, 240-plus pound Simmons has wowed Johnson with his “freakish” abilities, and versatile skill set. “The stuff I’ve seen him do just training, it almost seems like it’s not fair, man,” said Johnson. “You get a guard to switch on him, you get a big to switch on him, and he’s just an unbelievable athlete, unbelievable scorer, and an unbelievable passer. He can do it all.” Another Sixer veteran, Jerryd Bayless, recently had positive feedback to share about Simmons as well. “Ben is on the cusp of really figuring it out,” Bayless said this week. “I think Ben is young, still, and developing, but…he’s really put in the time every day, and I think he’s going to be really good.”