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Andrea Bargnani
Andrea Bargnani
Position: F-C
Born: 10/26/85
Height: 7-0 / 2.13
Weight:240 lbs. / 108.9 kg.
“I had a great experience with the Knicks, I liked the city, the team and had a good relationship with Derek Fisher,’’ Bargnani told La Gazzetta DelloSport in his native tongue. “I wouldn’t mind signing with the Knicks if the opportunity comes. I will let my agent do his job starting July 1. I am now a veteran in the NBA, and, you know, I would like to sign with a team that can give me the opportunity to win a ring.”
“I am happy with the Knicks. I love the city and the organization. There is an important project here” Bargnani told La Gazzetta dello Sport. “I will consider all the offers I receive from July. I want to remain in the NBA. And I will. I am at the peak of my basketball career and I want to win in the NBA” added Il Mago who talked also about Italian National Team. “It is time to do something important. It is not the first time that we are a good team. But we have to make sacrifices to win. National Team is not like a club and there are no reasons to be egoists. Eurobasket is going to be a great opportunity for all of us. I can’t wait to play with Italy”.
Andrea Bargnani will end his season injured but playing as the Italian forward attempts to salvage his career and reputation. According to a team source, Bargnani suffered a partially torn ligament in his left thumb last week. The injury to Bargnani’s non-shooting hand will not prevent him from playing in the Knicks’ final five games, including Wednesday at the Garden against returning star Paul George and the Indiana Pacers (34-43).
The Knicks will consider bringing Bargnani back because of his offensive talent, but aren’t planning to use their cap space to do so. If they can get him back for the veteran’s minimum, he’ll surely be a Knick next season. But another team may outbid them on the free-agent market. “He’s an extremely talented player and the injuries limited him reaching his ceiling,’’ Fisher said. “Whatever the future holds, the way he’s finishing the season is not only showing us, but other teams as well, he’s a very capable player at this point and trying to prove that to everyone, including us. If he’s back, that’s great. If not, he’ll do great no matter the situation.’’
Jackson is considering bringing Bargnani back next season if he can get a one-year deal at a good price. There have been scouts at recent Knicks games evaluating their free-agent talent, and Bargnani is being scrutinized. One team to exclude is Toronto. President Masai Ujiri shipped Bargnani to the Knicks days before the 2013 draft for a collection of draft picks and the Raptors’ benefit was addition by subtraction.
Early Tuesday, Bargnani and Messina spoke for 10 minutes on the court and they were eventually joined by another expat, Spurs guard Marco Belinelli. Messina remembers that Belinelli struggled to find his way in the NBA until blossoming three years ago in Chicago. Last season, Belinelli was a key reserve on the Spurs championship team. “I understand in the NBA, Andrea has had bad reviews, but I think he has a lot of upside,” said Messina, who also coached Knicks guard Alexey Shved. “It’s a lot like Belinelli. Before they go back to Europe they want to make a point that they can make it here. “They have a lot of pride. Andrea wants to prove himself. I’d be surprised if he gives up and says, ‘I’m going home for the money.’ He still has something he wants to prove in the NBA.”
Bargnani’s agent, Leon Rose, confirmed on Tuesday that his client would welcome a second chance with the Knicks. “Andrea is optimistic about what Phil is trying to accomplish and he certainly wants to be part of it,” Rose told the Daily News. “But he’s a free agent this summer so it’s too early to predict what may or may not happen.” Messina believes that Bargnani is perfectly suited for Jackson’s triangle offense, noting that he’s more effective in the high post. “He’s not a low post player,” Messina added. “That’s not his game. I think Andrea is a good player for the triangle. He shoots it well, he’s not a bad passer and he sees the game well.”
Asked if he sees himself as a Knick next season, Bargnani, who lives in a nice apartment high-rise in White Plains, said: “I don’t think it is the place or time to talk about the future. The summer is in front. I’m very focused on finishing the season with the Knicks. I don’t know what’s going to happen. “It’s just about the Knicks and this season and my teammates. It’s all about the team right now.’’

Knicks would like Andrea Bargnani back?

A healthy Andrea Bargnani finally is putting up big numbers in Phil Jackson’s triangle offense, and it’s putting a pause in what seemed the inevitable: the Italian’s summer departure. According to an NBA source, Jackson still is a fan and has interest in bringing Bargnani back for the right price because of his length, post defense and ability to score and pass in the structured system. Bargnani’s market value is one of the great mysteries of the summer, pending how he finishes the final 21 games.
Andrea Bargnani, who has averaged 18 points in the last four games, has missed 49 games with injuries. He was asked if he thinks about how different the season could have been if he had been healthy from the start. “I try not to do that because it’s pointless,” he said. “It just gets you more frustrated.” Bargnani, a free agent after the season, said he wants to stay in the NBA and not return to Europe. “Absolutely. What’s the point of this question at this point of the season? But yeah, I want to play in the NBA.”
The following players, per league sources, are also considered likely buyout candidates if they are not traded by the deadline: Andrea Bargnani (New York); Brandon Bass, Tayshaun Prince and Marcus Thornton (Boston); Andrei Kirilenko (Philadelphia); Willie Green (Orlando); Randy Foye and Darrell Arthur (Denver).
What is your opinion about Andrea Bargnani? He has been criticized very hard, especially from Marc Berman of the Post. Howard Beck: Bargnani can’t seem to stay healthy. But even when he’s on the court, he’s just not a very good NBA player. At his best, Bargnani is a very good shooter. But he’s not particularly good at anything else — passing, driving posting up or playing defense. He also doesn’t seem to have much passion for the game. I will be curious to see if any NBA teams show interest in him this summer. I won’t be surprised if he returns to Europe.
Calderon, meanwhile, has no shortage of admirers around the league despite his struggles this season, averaging a mere 9.3 points per game on 40.8-percent shooting. But the two years left on his contract after this season — worth $15.1 million — could make it difficult to move the 33-year-old Spaniard, ‎who arrived in New York in late June as the Knicks’ foremost return in the Tyson Chandler deal with Dallas. Sources say Bargnani, meanwhile, is a candidate to be waived next month if New York can’t find a deal for the former No. 1 overall pick and his $11.5 million expiring contract before the Feb. 19 deadline for deals.
Bargnani suffered another injury to his right ankle and had to leave just 1:47 into the first quarter of Friday’s game. It was only his second game back from a right calf injury after missing the first 33 games with hamstring and calf issues. Fisher said it was hard to read Bargnani to see how he was dealing with his latest setback. “He’s mentally tougher than I think sometimes he gets credit for — he holds a lot of stuff in,” Fisher said. “I don’t think we can necessarily get a read on how he’s feeling. I would imagine he’s frustrated. He wants to be able to get out on the court. This is an important year for him in terms of his basketball future,” Fisher said, a reference to Bargnani being in the final year of his contract.
Then — no joke — after he played 1:47 of his second game of the season, no Andrea Bargnani (right calf). With six men infirm, it became, “Nine men, one catastrophe.” And two 10-game losing streaks. The woefully shorthanded Knicks lost for the 20th time in 21 games as the boos started early. “We’re as frustrated as they are,” Cole Aldrich (11 points, 14 rebounds) said of the fans.
“Twelve months is a long time to be out,” Bargnani said. “I have to keep working hard to get in a new rhythm. It won’t take long. But I’m not in a great rhythm.’’ Bargnani hadn’t played since straining his hamstring in the preseason opener as starting power forward. “I was very happy to be on court after a year, to be able to wear the jersey again,’’ Bargnani said. “Rust is definitely there but it don’t take very long.’’
Andrea Bargnani, who hasn’t played yet because of hamstring and calf strains, practiced fully and is set to make his season debut on New Year’s Eve. Derek Fisher said he wouldn’t, but unless Bargnani has a setback he would play for the first time since tearing a ligament in his left elbow Jan. 22. “I will do as much as I can to help out the team,” Bargnani said. “Whatever coach wants me to do I’m going to be on the court and try to help the team.”
On the bright side, barring a miraculous turnaround, the Knicks are bound for the draft lottery. They also have all those expiring contracts, onerous ones that belong to players like Amar’e Stoudemire and Andrea Bargnani. Remember him? Bargnani last appeared in a game on Jan. 22 — nearly a year ago. And while Bargnani will be gone by the summer, his presence will linger. As part of their deal for him with the Toronto Raptors in 2013, the Knicks gave up their 2016 first-round pick.