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Andrew Bogut
Andrew Bogut
Position: C
Born: 11/28/84
Height: 7-0 / 2.13
Weight:244 lbs. / 111.1 kg.
Salary: $12,000,000
He wrapped an arm around teammate Draymond Green, broke into a wild colonial grin, admitted he was envious of Patty Mills’s triumph with the San Antonio Spurs last year, revealed injuries nearly killed his career twice, conceded that the doomsayers had aggravated him and delivered a simultaneous final word and flipping of the bird. “You get that ring on your finger,” Bogut said. “And you can raise that finger to anyone who has any more criticisms of you.”
Lacob is quick to insist that this narrative has been overblown. It was more about the relationship between his girlfriend and Lee’s ex, he said, adding that he makes a concerted effort not to get too close with his players. Case in point, Lacob said: A running poker game near his house that routinely includes Lee, Warriors big man Andrew Bogut and 14-time World Series of Poker champion Phil Helmuth. Lacob — who is an avid poker player — has been invited “probably 25 times” now but refuses to attend. “I play in all these things, these tournaments, World Series events,” Lacob said. “But I have never once played in that game. And the reason is — yeah, I’d love to play, they’re my players and I like them — but I just don’t think that it’s appropriate for me to get that close.”
As for Curry, he was annoyed too, I’m told. “People have lit a fire under Steph, which is good thing,” Andrew Bogut told NEOMG. “It’s something that you don’t want to do. It worked out well. We know Delly is a great defender, but we know he’s not a Curry stopper.” Dellavedova’s gritty, hard-nosed defense and timely shot-making has transformed him into a media darling. It started with an offensive rebound amongst the trees followed by two clutch free throws that gave the Cavaliers a Game 2 road victory.
“I didn’t play well the last two games and we lost,” the 10-year NBA veteran said. “I knew there would be some sort of change or tweak. It worked out well, so, no gripes.” Yes, if there’s a better phrase for what the Warriors have done, it’s that: No gripes. That’s been the story of this team’s season, a crucial factor that has taken them from a very good team last year to a league-best 67-win team that stands two wins from a championship. No gripes. It was Bogut’s reaction before Game 4, when coach Steve Kerr told him he was being pulled as part of a small-lineup gambit that featured swingman Andre Iguodala in his place.
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With 4:43 left in the second quarter, James drove to the basket and was fouled by Golden State Warriors center Andrew Bogut. James hit the deck, and his head collided with the camera of Peter Winik of NBA Entertainment. James lay on the court for a few minutes as teammates and Cleveland Cavaliers staffers surrounded him. “I was just trying to regain my composure, and I was holding my head. It was hurting,” James said after Cleveland’s 103-82 loss. “I was just hoping I wasn’t bleeding. But obviously the camera cut me pretty bad. Our medical staff did a great job of stopping the bleeding.”
Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr made the right adjustments in Game 4 – a 103-82 Warriors victory on Thursday to even the NBA Finals at 2-2 – going to a small starting lineup with Andre Iguodala replacing Andrew Bogut. “They had to make an adjustment, obviously, because the games, all three of them, were going our way,” Blatt said. “We had won two of them and they made a decision to go the way that they went.”
It’s an easy thing to say now, three wins from the championship, but no one on the Warriors would trade Green for Love straight-up. “Thankfully, we didn’t pull the trigger,” Andrew Bogut says. “I don’t know if that trade would have gotten us to this point. I didn’t think it would be a huge upgrade. David Lee provides the same output, besides the 3-point shooting. I thought we could have just found a stretch 4 at the veteran’s minimum — someone like James Jones.”
So, is everything in Australia trying to kill us? Andrew Bogut, actual 7-foot Australian: “That’s a generalization, like saying everyone is America is fat. It’s stereotyped for a reason. There is but there isn’t [reason for saying that]. It’s not like it’s always raining spiders or there are just snakes walking down the street in the city where they’re going to jump out of a lane and eat you. “I think it’s a stereotype for a reason. There is stuff there that can kill you. Obviously if you see a swamp or water that’s not clear, you don’t jump into it. So, yeah.”
Never one to mince words, the paint protector is finding it extremely difficult to understand why Irving’s sore knee is newsworthy. He questioned why the organization would divulge that information. “There’s probably 15 guys on this team that’s carrying an injury right now,” Bogut told Northeast Ohio Media Group. “There are probably 15 guys on their team that’s carrying an injury. (The Warriors) not going to release everything. You don’t want to release some stuff. [Injures] are a part of the game. If you get to this point in the season, you’re going to have tendinitis, arthritis and contusions. You’re going to have your body hurting.”
On the day that Dwight Howard was suspended for a game without pay for collecting his fourth flagrant foul of the postseason, Andrew Bogut took a parting shot at the Houston center. “There was some physicality there (with Houston), like any playoff series, but the Memphis series was more physical,” Bogut said after Friday’s practice. “This was more about ducking and weaving and getting out of the way of aired fists and elbows.”