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Anthony Carter
Anthony Carter
Position: None
Born: 06/16/75
Height: 6-2 / 1.88
Weight:195 lbs. / 88.5 kg.
After saying early this year that 2012-13 might be his last season, he now says his perfect scenario is to play two more years. “The only thing that is getting older is my age (as a number,’’ said Carter. “I’ve got low mileage. I can still help a team.’’ Carter’s agent, Bill Duffy, is searching for interested teams. Carter believes he can help a team as a third point guard and in a role as another assistant coach. Carter said he will start workouts next week at the Pepsi Center along with Coby Karl, George’s son who plays overseas, and several young Denver players.
Carter is not with the team. He has gone back home to Denver. But he has not been officially waived by the Raptors. Carter’s agent, Bill Duffy, is trying to find a team for his client to go to; he’s looking for a club that may be interested in a veteran guard for help and depth with a playoff run. IF Duffy can find a taker, one of three scenarios will unfold with Carter: – he’ll be waived before the trade deadline – he’ll be waived right after the trade deadline – he’ll be included in a trade (either on his own or with another member of the Raps)
Carter served his purpose in a 37-game stint with the Raptors, providing some veteran leadership and filling in as an emergency third-string point guard. But a desire to use even more youth and wanting to let Carter see if he can hook up with a playoff-bound team if he’s eventually released, led to Tuesday’s move. The source said there was no one moment that precipitated the move – Carter’s missed the last three games with a stomach muscle problem – and that Carter had done what was expected of him in helping “change the culture” around the team.
Speaking of former Heat relics still ticking, yes, that is Anthony Carter, at 36, making a go of it in the Toronto Raptors’ backcourt. “He’s like an old pair of socks,” new Raptors coach Dwane Casey told the Toronto media. “Every place that he’s been he’s always started out as a third guard and, by the end of the day, he just moves his way up and earns his minutes.”
The Knicks lost, 101-89, Sunday and were swept from the Eastern Conference playoffs. But they did not go down without a fight, and Carter was the main reason why. Carter helped slow down Rajon Rondo and sparked a dramatic second-half comeback that fell short. “I was just sick and tired of seeing (Rondo) walk the ball up the court and come down and shoot all series,” Carter said. “That was my whole mind-set when I went into the game, try and turn it up and make him do something different than he had done all series.”