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Antoine Walker
Antoine Walker
Position: None
Born: 08/12/76
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:244 lbs. / 111.1 kg.
But in an interview with CNN Money, he said it wasn’t gambling — which he was reported to have lost a lot of money on — as much as bad real estate deals backed by his personal collateral. From CNN: The economic chaos caused the implosion of Walker Ventures, his Chicago real estate firm. “We got caught in the recession. We had a ton of undeveloped real estate. It went bad. The banks wanted their money back,” he said. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Walker had unwisely put up his personal financial portfolio as collateral. He ended up being forced to pay back about $20 million to banks.
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Antoine Walker had everything. He won the NCAA Championship at UK in 1996. Then his dreams came true while playing in the NBA where he was a big star and won an NBA Championship. Of course with success comes many problems. You play over 80 games a year in the NBA and don’t like to wear the same suit twice. Spending $300,000 a year in clothing? No big deal. Taking care of family members and friends? No big deal. Saying no was a big deal. He couldn’t do it. “Ah, that played a huge problem, I think in my life not being able to say ‘No,'” says Walker. “And I didn’t hold friends, family accountable enough. I think sometimes when you are with friends and family you want the best for them, you have to hold them accountable. I never did that.”