Arvydas Sabonis Rumors

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“I worked on it this summer, just better basketball understanding, better reading so I think that’s the next step I’ve got to take on offence,” said Valanciunas, who even got some advice from countryman Arvydas Sabonis, one of the best passing big men in the history of the sport. “It’s not just about scoring, right? It’s about making the right play, being on the right spot, right timing, seeing the open cutters. You cannot be selfish if you want to win.”
1 week ago via TSN
This is the first time that a person directly connected to FIBA, the president of a national federation speaks against the World Cup qualification windows. Sabonis’ comments come from the fact that NBA players are not going to join their national teams and the same is expected to happen with EuroLeague players: “People who understand basketball should be disappointed. Fans come to the arena to watch the best players. We are not Spain, where you may not have ten players, but there are also other ten who are really good and will create interest. We don’t have that. The loss of any player is a knife wound”.