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Avery Bradley
Avery Bradley
Position: G
Born: 11/26/90
Height: 6-2 / 1.88
Weight:179 lbs. / 81.6 kg.
Salary: $7,730,337
Rondo found more well-wishers lingering outside the Sacramento locker room when he was the final player to head to the team bus. He said he still keeps in touch with those who were here with him longest and wished the team well moving forward. “I sent Avery a text after the big shot he made the other day [in Cleveland],” said Rondo. “My young guys Kelly [Olynyk], Jared [Sullinger]. A lot of these guys are my rookies. So it’s good to see these guys playing well. I wish them health and happiness and to continue to play and try to take the East.”
By Jan. 8, Mike had grown accustomed to receiving messages about Jaret. Still, he thought that package would be carrying something else. Jaret had become a big international soccer fan. “I have no idea why,” Mike laughed. The father had bought a few soccer jerseys as Christmas presents for his eldest son, and one had gotten lost in the mail. Mike thought it must have arrived too late. He never would have guessed the box’s actual contents: a personalized note and signed jersey from Boston Celtics starter Avery Bradley, who had been Jaret’s favorite NBA player.
“Even though (their situation) was different and everybody takes everything different, we can still relate to each other a lot from a loss. I feel like whenever life is brought into (the world) or life is lost, I feel like you’re able to look at life different, appreciate every moment. After losing my mom I definitely felt that way. Every time you’re able to spend time with someone you want to make sure that you’re not grumpy or you don’t have an attitude. You just want to appreciate every moment that you have of your own life or your time with somebody else. Being able to talk to them, I feel like we both feel the same way. And we try to do that as much as we can. You look at everything different. “I guess I was more happy than anything (to meet them),” Bradley said. “They were smiling, I was smiling. It was a connection.”
After learning that a 15-year-old fan of his from Florida died in a car accident recently, Celtics guard Avery Bradley hoped a small gesture would help the family through a difficult time. Bradley sent a letter and a signed jersey to the family of Jaret Harshman, who was killed while driving to Brooksville Christian Church in Brooksville, Fla., in December. Bradley also gave Jaret’s parents, Mike and Kristi, tickets and postgame passes to Sunday night’s game against the Magic. “Instantly, I felt bad for the family,” Bradley said. “It was sad to hear that a kid heading to Bible study got in a car accident, and when I saw the picture, it just made me feel like I wanted to do whatever I could to put a smile on the family’s faces.”