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Of course, his son Luke is the top Warriors assistant coach under head coach Steve Kerr and already has accepted the job as new head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. But before Luke Walton took the Lakers job, he was considered a potential candidate for the Knicks job that eventually went to Jeff Hornacek. Asked if he advised his son about his career path, Bill Walton said, “I’m a huge Phil Jackson fan, and I love New York. But I’m just Luke’s dad. All the decisions and choices are up to him.”
Before Walton likely interviews for the Lakers’ head-coaching vacancy soon, his father provided honest commentary that for once does not follow with a laugh track. “Stay where he is. Head-coaching jobs are open for a reason. What he has right now, it doesn’t get any better than that. Money cannot buy what they have on the Warriors right now,” Bill Walton told Tim Ring, the sports director of KTVK, in a recent interview.
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“I’ve been on some of the most special teams in the history of basketball,” said Bill Walton, who won two championships with UCLA (1972-73), one championship with the Portland Trail Blazers (1977) and one championship with the Boston Celtics (1986). “I’ve seen the other end of the spectrum too. So I know. It’s so fragile and it’s so tenuous. It’s like any young person chasing their dream in the world of entrepreneurship, start ups and everything. Don’t change jobs for money. Leave a job because it’s a bad job. If you have a good job and you’re in a great situation as Luke is, you got Steve Kerr, you got all these beautiful players and California and the Bay Area. That’s fantastic. With all that being said….”