Brady Heslip Rumors

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If the experiment was to see if professionals could play Grinnell’s offense then it has already failed. The Reno Bighorns have become the D-League’s most entertaining team, averaging nearly 140 points and 50 three-point shots a game. One player, Brady Heslip, hit 20 three-pointers in the first two games, scoring 78 points and became a YouTube celebrity for a week. They are fast, aggressive and playing a way no one else in the D-League is playing. But they are not running Grinnell’s system. Not anymore. Reno’s ever-changing 10-man roster has forced Arseneault to scratch the hockey-style substitutions and the full-court press. It’s tough to run shifts and a pressure defense with only 10 players especially when one of those players is a 7ft 5in, 360lbs center named Sim Bhullar who Arseneault affectionately calls “Big Sim”. There are many unique things Big Sim can do. Running a full-court press for more than half a game is not one of them.
Still, multiple NBA scouts seem to agree that remaining in the D-League, was, nevertheless, the right decision for Heslip. A source confirms to that the guard was indeed close to signing a deal overseas, but instead chose to stick around (especially with the Showcase right around the corner) because he believed a call-up to The Association was well within his grasp. While his stock may have taken a hit most recently, scouts still believe he made the right call. “Why would he want to go anywhere else?” one added.