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Brandon Jennings
Brandon Jennings
Position: None
Born: 09/23/89
Height: 6-1 / 1.85
Weight:168 lbs. / 76.6 kg.
If some team offers you a non-guaranteed deal, a 10-day contract, will you consider it? Brandon Jennings: Oh yeah, for sure. That’s something I will probably have to take anyways with the circumstances that I’m in. That definitely would be something that I would be down for, of course. I’m 28, I want to play until I’m 35. I’m fully healthy from my Achilles injury and things like that. So I just want the opportunity.
Considering your experience in the NBA and despite being only 28-years-old, would you be happy being a mentor for a young point guard? Brandon Jennings: Absolutely, for sure I would. Because I feel that’s where I am right now in my career at 28. I have to transition into being a vet. I still have to compete and play at a high level, of course. But I’m also here to teach and tell young guys the mistakes they are making and how to be a professional.