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Brendan Haywood
Brendan Haywood
Position: C
Born: 11/11/79
Height: 7-0 / 2.13
Weight:266 lbs. / 120.7 kg.
Salary: $0
It seems like you guys have also developed a strong bond in the six plus months that you have been there. You guys are always posting up those Instagram photos after games. How is the camaraderie there? How is everything going for you? Kevin Love: The camaraderie has been great. This team is very close. We have a mix of guys, you know? Guys like who are in their second year like Delly (Matthew Dellavedova). Joe Harris is in his first year, he’s our rook which always makes it fun to have him do the different duties. Then we have guys like Brendan Haywood, James Jones, Mike Miller and Shawn Marion, that are all the way up into their fifteenth or sixteenth season.
“It’s tough because you always want to play, but when you don’t play you can’t be a cancer,” he said. “You can’t be a drain on your teammates. You can’t be a negative effect on the young guys. You have to prepare like you’re going to play, but sometimes that’s hard because you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. At the same time, that’s what you have to do if you consider yourself a pro.”
“I feel like I’m the secret weapon,” Haywood said facetiously. “My mindset is that the coaching staff doesn’t want to let the other coaches in the league have film on me. So when the playoffs come along, they’re going to unveil the secret weapon and they’re not going to know what hit them. They’re never going to see it coming. Me included.” That’s classic Haywood. He always has a knack for implementing humor into a difficult situation. The center hasn’t played in almost a month, but you couldn’t tell by his demeanor. He’s typically upbeat and comical. I approached him and said I wanted to write a story on how professional he has been in handling constant sitting even though the Cavaliers continue to blow out opponents. “Man, I don’t know if like this story,” he said with a laugh. “I don’t know if I like where this is headed.”
They have an enticing piece for a trade in the contract of backup center Brendan Haywood, whose $10.5 million salary next season is not guaranteed. But because the Cavs are so far over the luxury-tax line, they’re prohibited from using Haywood’s contract to acquire a player in a sign-and-trade deal, which likely lessens the quality of player they could get for Haywood this summer. It’s one reason why the Cavs are shopping Haywood now — his salary this year is $2.2 million — in their pursuit of a backup point guard or post player to fortify the roster in pursuit of a title this season.

Brendan Haywood is so available

There have been whispers throughout the season the Cavs may trade Brendan Haywood’s unique contract before this summer, when it reaches its maximum value. Those whispers are growing louder. In fact, if the Cavs are to upgrade their backup point guard position through trade, they will inevitably have to include Haywood just to make the money match. And from all indications, they’ll have no problem moving Haywood’s contract if the right point guard becomes available. But they won’t know that until closer to the Feb. 19 trade deadline.
Does Brendon Haywood have a chance to be a viable NBA center again? 
@Willis79Willis It depends on your definition of viable, but I don’t see him playing more than 10 minutes a game consistently. He’s 35, missed all of last season with foot problems and it shows. To be blunt: He’s old and slow. And he’s not in game shape. When injuries forced him into the starting lineup on New Year’s Eve, he was gassed by the end of the first half because he simply wasn’t accustomed to game speed.
You have a unique contract situation that has your name being brought up in trade talks. Can you explain your understanding of your contract and how are you are handling the rumors? Haywood: I understand the situation. My contract can be used to take money off the books. I understand exactly where I’m at, it’s part of the business — it just is what it is. There are trade rumors every day, but they don’t really bother me.
He’s well aware that he could be moved at any time and he said it’s something he won’t let bother him. “I don’t worry about it because at the end of the day, I can’t do anything about it,” Haywood told Northeast Ohio Media Group. “If somebody views my contract as an asset or the team feels they can get something in that can help them or shed salary, they’re going to do what they’re going to do because that’s what they have to do.”
The chances of a team making that type of commitment at this stage of his career are slim to none. What’s attractive about Haywood’s deal is next summer his $10.5 million income would apply towards the league’s salary-matching requirements, which would allow the Cavaliers, or whichever team has him at that time, to trade Haywood for an impact player making up to approximately $14 million annually. The team that receives Haywood could release the big man and gain significant cap space equivalent to the $10.5 million figure. There’s the value.
Cleveland Cavaliers center Brendan Haywood is recovering nicely from last year’s foot surgery and will practice from the outset once training camp begins Saturday, league sources tell Northeast Ohio Media Group. He will be limited when it comes to certain drills, but his activity will be increased throughout the course of preseason. One source says Haywood’s full-contact clear date is “close” if he keeps up this accelerated path.