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Brian Grant
Brian Grant
Position: None
Born: 03/05/72
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:254 lbs. / 115.2 kg.
Riley and Anthony Mason had their battles, but there was also much love, which made attending Mason’s funeral last week so difficult. “When one of your players, that you coached very intensely for five years, leaves the planet before you do, it’s like one of your children,” Riley said. “It’s just very hard.” He’s been around long enough to see several other favorites—his Forever Men, from Brian Grant to Magic Johnson to Alonzo Mourning—endure serious health hardships. “When Earvin went down, we thought it was the worst,” Riley said. “When Zo went down, we thought it was the worst. When Chris, you think it’s the worst….So it really affects you.”
Damian Lillard, Miss Oregon 2014 Emma Palett and other Portland Trail Blazers players including CJ McCollum, Dorell Wright, Will Barton and Thomas Robinson were on hand at the Armory Annex building in Portland on Wednesday night to help ring in the new year and party their way into 2015. Lillard said he wanted to put on the event to have some fun on New Year’s in Portland, but also as a benefit for the Brian Grant Foundation. “I’m pretty familiar with Brian Grant,” Lillard said. “I’ve gotten to know him so I wanted to support that. I know with the Trail Blazers being the only show in town pretty much and me being one of the guys on the team I figured I could make people more interested in being a part of it and more money could be donated because of it.”
LL: At this point in time, how many people recognize you first and foremost as an ex-basketball player compared to those who recognize you as a figure in the fight against Parkinson’s? BG: Here in Portland, I’m always going to be recognized as Brian Grant the basketball player. But outside of Portland, I’m looked at as the guy who works with Michael J. Fox who also has Parkinson’s. It’s definitely a legacy I want to leave, as someone who led the fight against Parkinson’s the same way Michael J. Fox did.
Remember that bitter rivalry between Trail Blazers forward Brian Grant and Utah Jazz legend Karl Malone? The face-to-face “talk” that escalated during Game 5 of the 1999 Western Conference semifinals? It took a fundraiser benefiting Grant’s fight against Parkinson’s disease, a two-day fishing trip to Alaska and years to mend, but it’s finally a thing of the past. Want proof? Check out this nice video the Blazers have released on their youtube channel: