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Brian Scalabrine
Brian Scalabrine
Position: None
Born: 03/18/78
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:240 lbs. / 108.9 kg.
Thompson himself was aware of the rumor spread by Scalabrine but as he told ESPN’s Marc Stein, he didn’t pay much attention to it. “Steve [Kerr] and Bob [Myers] came up to me and told me it was nonsense,” Thompson told Stein on the TrueHoop podcast. “It don’t really try and pay to much mind to it, because I know how the media circus works these days. It’s a 24-hour news cycle and you have to pump out some stories. It just didn’t bother me too much. When you’re not playing as well as you should, there’s always speculation. So I let people speculate, the media speculate.”
Before that revelation, though, Scalabrine’s position covering the Celtics and the fact he spent a season as an assistant coach in Golden State gave his words some weight. And, unsurprisingly, they caught like wildfire, to the point where he started a group text message chain with Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge and Warriors general manager Bob Myers. On Wednesday night, Scalabrine read the Globe the text he sent to Myers and Ainge. “Hey guys wanted to clarify with you two,” the message read. “Read about trade rumors three days ago. People assume that because I talk to you guys and our relationship [that there is validity]. I just talked about the trade from a basketball standpoint. Sorry that I created this situation for both of you guys. I talk about rumors every day. This one seemed to catch fire for obvious reasons.”
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