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Brian Shaw recalled a conversation he had with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar about life after basketball. Shaw remembers the former Lakers great saying how his body underwent changes immediately after he retired. “He said all of a sudden you just stop that regimen you had for all those years and that his body went into shock,” Shaw said. “I started to feel like that. Kobe’s regimen is even more crazy than anyone that I’ve ever been around. So it’s going to be interesting to see.”
Storyline: Kobe Bryant Retirement
Brian Shaw got a shot, of course, with the Denver Nuggets that didn’t work out, and maybe he’ll get another look in a few years. Both Cleamons and Rambis got shots with other teams (Cleamons with the Mavericks; Rambis with the Timberwolves, after an interim stint with the Lakers), but they didn’t get second shots, which was a little surprising. I have never heard any specific aversion to bringing in Phil disciples, though I do suspect teams aren’t crazy about trying to sell the merits of the triangle to today’s players.