Candace Parker Rumors

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Williams may soon get his wish to spend more time with his baby girl. He said Parker is considering discontinuing overseas play once Lailaa starts school. More daddy-daughter time will give Williams a chance to work on a part of his game that is severely lacking — fashion sense. “As she gets older, it’s all about looking good with the outfits and her hair,” Williams said. “I try to match the leggings with her Nike shirt. But when in doubt, I fall back on a white T-shirt and jeans. Candace doesn’t like that.” “When he does Lailaa’s hair, I’m like, ‘Why did you let my baby walk out the house looking like that?'” Parker said. “Sometimes he will just let it flow or dump the brush in hair lotion and pull it back with a headband on it.” His skills as Daddy The Stylist may need work, but in every other realm of daddy daycare he’s an all-star. “He is a great father, very hands-on, and she is in love with him,” Parker said.