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Carlos Boozer
Carlos Boozer
Position: None
Born: 11/20/81
Height: 6-8 / 2.03
Weight:257 lbs. / 117 kg.
Carlos Boozer and his wife, Anishkah, got married in Miami Beach this weekend. As delightful as the photos from the shindig are, the hashtag is unlike any wedding hashtag — #BoozerWeddingHoldat2017 — I’ve ever seen before. Boozer has been yelling “holdat” on the court for awhile — and even got a t-shirt made with the phrase — and he described what the term means in 2015. “It’s kind of a little bit like a brag,” he said. “Sometimes it can be a humblebrag. Sometimes it ain’t gonna be a humblebrag, but it’s just like a way … say somebody came up to you and is like, ‘Man, you got a nice jumpshot.’ So, ‘Holdat.’ ‘Thank you brother.’ Then somebody could come up to you on the street and be like ‘Nice kicks.’ ‘Yeah I got them at Niketown. Thanks, bro. Holdat.’” He went on to explain that sometimes he’d say it even before shots that he felt especially good about.
After a bumpy adjustment period to the Chinese game, Boozer has joined Fredette as one of the CBA’s most influential imports during the past two months. One source plugged firmly into the Chinese scene says that the Miami Heat and the aforementioned Clippers are among the teams tracking the 34-year-old’s progress with Guangdong. One potential problem for Boozer: If Guangdong indeed reaches the championship series in China, he might run out of time to make it back to the States in time to hook up with a playoff team. Boozer is eligible to play in the NBA postseason for anyone who signs him, since he hasn’t been on a roster all season, but the one requirement is that he’d have to be signed back home before the NBA regular season ends April 12.
6 months ago via ESPN