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Carmelo Anthony
Carmelo Anthony
Position: F
Born: 05/29/84
Height: 6-8 / 2.03
Weight:235 lbs. / 106.6 kg.
Salary: $26,243,760
After a wild, scrambling possession that featured a pair of Thunder misses, Carmelo Anthony pulled up around a Steven Adams screen with a chance to tie the game at 102 with 5 seconds to go. He drained the shot, but after official review, it was determined that the toe of Anthony’s black shoe was just over top of the black three-point line on the Spurs home court. “It was tough. I was just trying to get a shot up,” Anthony said. It was bad fortune on the Anthony jumper, but there were plenty of correctable mistakes that happened in the possessions preceding that as well. All in the final minute, the Thunder turned it over and got the ball back, Paul George missed a free throw then got the offensive board and got fouled again, but only made one of the ensuing free throws. Then came perhaps the most pivotal defensive possession of the night, and the Thunder allowed an offensive rebound and put back to LaMarcus Aldridge.
Russell Westbrook, though, still occasionally cedes the duty. He said it’s just something that depends on how the game is going, and he’ll give a nod to Carmelo Anthony or Paul George to take it, or he’ll just step up on his own. Because to him, it’s his responsibility, and fits into the overreaching narrative that’s hovering over the Thunder as they navigate this new roster: It’s up to him to make this work. “That’s a part of my job to make sure those guys are [comfortable],” Westbrook said. “Those guys are great players and my job is to make sure they’re comfortable, and in their spots, and comfortable with the things that best benefits their game.”
1 week ago via ESPN
It’s a fine balance to strike for the reigning MVP, embracing his own stardom and ability to dominate a game, while also helping George and Anthony flourish. It’s what has led to a lot of the offensive uneasiness early in the season, especially in close games, as the Thunder try to simultaneously reduce my-turn, your-turn possessions, while also utilizing all the talent and skill those three have, particularly in isolation. “We just communicate, man. We’re not worried about it,” Westbrook said. “Whoever has it going, that’s where the ball’s going. We play off each other and figure it out. The game will tell you what to do.”
1 week ago via ESPN