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Cavaliers trading the draft rights to Cedi Osman?

Hey, Joe: Is Cedi Osman the only trade throw in to get someone to take Mo/Birdman? Or does McRae have any trade value? — Nathan, Richfield Hey, Nathan: I expect Osman, acquired by the Cavs during the 2015 draft and currently playing in Turkey, to be included in one of the deals the Cavs make in the coming days/weeks. McRae has totally fallen out of the rotation but may still have some trade value. I’m hearing there is interest in some corners for Osman.
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Cedi Osman: We have to do our best and try to be in the Final Four and also win the trophies in every domestic competition. For me personally, this is going to be a very tough season. I am planning to play in the NBA next season and that’s why I need to work hard. However, first of all, the most important thing is the team. Through the team, I can be myself. I hope that the season will be successful for every member of the team and that I will be ready to play in the NBA next season. That’s my goal.
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Cedi Osman: However, I like to watch a lot of movies. I go to a movie theater two or three times a week. I have enjoyed the recent “Avengers” films, “Batman vs Superman”, and also “Sully” with Tom Hanks which is based on a true story. Those are the kind of movies I love. And of course, when I am at home I also spend time playing NBA 2K, like many of my teammates do. And I usually pick the Cleveland Cavaliers…
Cedi Osman: As I wrote on my first blog entry on Eurohoops, in the summer of 2017 I have an option to go to the NBA and it’s definite that I’m going to use it and try my luck in the USA! I’m going to go there and do my best in order to get established/ establish myself, to find a place on the team and vindicate their choice. I have a season ahead of me in which I’m going to fight for Efes Anadolu and then I’m going to dedicate myself to the great goal of the NBA.