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That’s exactly what Hall of Famer Charles Barkley discussed during his stop on the Cowlishaw & Dennis Show on KESN-FM 103.3 (ESPN Dallas) on Tuesday. As that conversation turned to the habit of many star players forming superteams in today’s NBA, Barkley took the opportunity to praise Mavericks legend Dirk Nowitzki. “One of the reasons I respect Dirk Nowitzki, can you imagine if Dirk Nowitzki had left the Mavs and kind of cheated his way to a championship? What you people would be saying about him in Dallas?” Barkley asked. “But he hung in there, Mark [Cuban] and Don Nelson put a team together and they won it. And that’s better on your resume than calling all your friends and saying, ‘Hey, let’s get together and dominate the NBA.’ You have to factor that in. Nobody wants to do that anymore.”
Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley got very, very personal on the air on Wednesday after Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals on Tuesday night, and apparently, Shaq wasn’t finished with Chuck days later. He posted this photo to his Facebook page in celebration of Throwback Thursday with a caption that took another shot at Barkley. “Back when I used to DOMINATE on bum [expletive] Chuck.”

Charles: If I had been riding on Kobe’s coattails and Dwyane Wade’s and Alonzo Mourning’s too, I forgot about him, and Rick Fox. Shaq: People question why you’re in the Hall of Fame anyway, bum. Ernie: Why did that get so personal when we’re talking about Game 5? Shaq: Because Chuck keeps interrupting me. Don’t interrupt me, Chuck, or I’m gonna punch you right in your face, I’m telling you. Charles: If you hit me, we’re gonna be moving some furniture. I’m gonna throw one of these chicken wings at your fat ass. Shaq: You gonna do what? (holds up chicken wing)
Scott Brooks didn’t want to make waves, so the first time he heard the buzzing sound in the middle of the night, he didn’t mention it to his roommate. A few weeks later, though, he heard the noise again, a loud vibrating hum out in the darkness. By the third time, he screwed up his courage and asked his roommate what was going on. “What the [bleep] do you think it is? I’m vacuuming!” Charles Barkley told young Brooks. “I can’t sleep if the lines in the carpet aren’t straight.”