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It was the kind of meeting Barkley might not have taken as a younger man, an NBA superstar with the 76ers, Suns and Rockets. Barkley had his wild younger days, including t hrowing a man through a window and skipping an All-Star Game to gamble, as we were reminded of this month by LeBron James. Now he says he’s in “a better place” – and even more influential than he was as 1992-93 NBA MVP. “I’m not the first, and I’m certainly not going to be the last that did stupid things in their 20s,” Barkley said. “I might do stupid things in 50s. But I mean, it’s not about the things you do wrong. Everybody’s going to make mistakes; mine are just more public. But nah, that didn’t bother me at all. You know the really cool thing about the stupid stuff I did? A lot of times kids make mistakes and can never recover.”
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Does all that make Charles Barkley a role model? “It’s a double-edged sword, to some degree,” he said. “The reason I made the role model commercial is – and it’s probably worse now – we got too many young black kids who think they going to play pro sports when they’ve got no chance of being successful. The key to being successful – one of the reasons I just gave $1 million to Morehouse (College), Clark and Alabama A&M – I’m a big education guy. But sports are, there’s a lot of stuff going on in sports – and not good. We’ve got a lot of people making money on kids. They’re not getting educated. and things like that, and that bothers me.
Charles Barkley knows how Dolan feels — he has been the target of Oakley trash talk for years now. The thing is, Barkley doesn’t quite know the reason. “The guy hates me and I don’t know why,” Barkley said from the green room before kicking off TNT’s All-Star studio coverage here. “But I don’t give it much thought. I don’t know why. I just kind of laugh at it.”
On Jan. 31, when Barkley was in the midst of a back-and-forth with Cavaliers star LeBron James, Oakley chimed in on Twitter, writing, “the hater (Barkley) need to stop drinking at work.” Two weeks earlier, the New York Daily News had an item that claimed “a source” close to Oakley said that Oakley wanted to settle the score between the two big men, and that, “Our insider says Oakley proposed that he and Sir Charles could meet in the arena of Barkley’s choosing.”
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“If you have two small guards, you need shooters around them or a post-up guy.But these guys don’t have a post- up guy, so then the other guys are really just ball screeners, so they don’t get the basketball. So they’re never really going to touch it, because you’re just a ball screener, and you have to roll to the basket, you can’t pop. They have very few guys on their team pop. So I think they don’t have enough space guys if they’re going to play that style.”