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Barkley had also complained that owner Leslie Alexander underpaid him during his tenure with the Rockets. He has said the Rockets owed him $5 million. He said Sunday they owe him $3 million. Meanwhile, he referred to Brown as “Toad Smith” and Morey as “Daryl Moronic.” “I want to apologize to the Houston Rockets,” Barkley said on Tuesday’s broadcast of “Inside ‘The NBA.” “I overacted to two tweets. I said something I shouldn’t say. So I want to apologize to Daryl Morey. And I want to apologize to Tad Brown, the CEO, for overreacting. I want to apologize to Les Alexander.
Storyline: Barkley-Morey Beef
“You know, I don’t do any social media. When you show stuff or I hear about it, I get mad. So I want to apologize to those three guys and the entire Houston Rockets organization because when you’re on television, Ernie (Johnson), it should never be personal. We’re supposed to do our jobs. When Daryl Morey sent a tweet during the season, I got mad. I was 100 percent wrong. When Tad Brown tweeted last week, I was 100 percent wrong. “Les Alexander treated me great when I was in Houston. So I just want to apologize to those three guys.”
After graduating in 1973 with a degree in speech, Sager moved to Sarasota, Fla., where he worked as a sailing instructor, a bouncer at Big Daddy’s and a cub reporter at a radio station. A memorable audition tape—he rocked a blue-and-yellow seersucker suit—landed him on TV as a weatherman. From Tampa to Turner, execs tried to whitewash his wardrobe, going so far as to airbrush the bright hues from his jackets in promotional photos. Finally, they found a beat that could embrace his peacock sensibilities: the NBA. Alas, Kevin Garnett compared him to a Christmas ornament, Phil Jackson to the Good Humor Man, Charles Barkley to a pimp. He was heckled mercilessly. “There’s no way you bought that piece of s— in Philadelphia!” one fan shouted in the City of Brotherly Love. Sager raised the garment bag from Boyds as proof.