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Chris Kaman
Chris Kaman
Position: None
Born: 04/28/82
Height: 7-0 / 2.13
Weight:268 lbs. / 121.6 kg.
People want to know where Chris Kaman is, is he retiring, what his future might be. I always thought it was funny that he would say to you very often, “I hated every head coach I ever played for, but I like you.” So that’s probably the ultimate compliment that you could ever receive from somebody. We’ll lose a lot of humor on the bus and the team planes if he’s not around, but have you talked to him at all or do you know what he’s doing? Stotts: He’s back in Michigan. He did come back here, you know, he bought some property out in central Oregon and he came back here to get some of his stuff. I think he’s leaving his options open as far as playing next year. I don’t know where he is with that. I just heard today that he is beginning a workout regimen. He’s a talented guy. I think people know he could have helped us last year. Last year was about our young guys. He was extremely admirable in fulfilling that role.