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Chris Kaman
Position: C
Born: 04/28/82
Height: 7-0 / 2.13
Weight:268 lbs. / 121.6 kg.
Salary: $5,000,000
Depending on the direction the team pursues, it’s a safe bet that Kaman returns for one more season. The Blazers saw firsthand what his presence meant for Leonard, and if the team is serious about contending for a title next season, nothing wrong with having a veteran around for the chase. Kaman even admitted that part of the goal next season will be to continue to help Leonard before he retires. He said the two plan to work out again this summer.

Blazers keeping Chris Kaman?

The 33-year-old said he wants to play next season, which could be his last, but the Blazers hold a $5 million team option for the 2015-16, which must be decided on by the end of June. When talking about his contract status, Kaman didn’t sound too concerned. “Basically I’ll know June 30th,” he said. “Either they take it or they don’t. … Obviously there is a lot that is going to happen this summer in free agency with this team and all of our players.”
Near the end of the third quarter of Wednesday night’s contest between the Blazers and the Clippers, Chris Kaman received a flagrant foul for shoving Chris Paul to the floor, after which a brief altercation ensued. As the league weighs its options in terms of additional punishment for Kaman in the form of a fine or possible suspension, Kaman took to Twitter to post a picture of exactly what prompted him to take matters into his own hands.
Clippers coach Doc Rivers was asked if Kaman pushing Paul was the best thing that could have happened for his team in the game. “It didn’t hurt, but CP (Paul) already had it going before that, to be honest,” Rivers said. “That just brought more energy into the game. When you’re lacking energy, you’re just looking for anything. Little plays like that can help you. Or they can do you in, too. You never know how that’s going to go. I was happy how we responded after that.” Paul was queried as to whether Kaman’s boneheaded move helped him take him up another notch.
With the Lakers last season, Kaman averaged 10.4 points in 18.9 minutes, albeit in only 39 games after quickly becoming a casualty of Mike D’Antoni’s preference for perimeter-oriented players. “I can point fingers all day long. But it was my choice where I went,” said Kaman, who joined the Lakers in 2013 on a one-year deal worth $3.2 million. “I made the call and thought it would work. I don’t think that Mike D’Antoni purposely tried to screw anybody over. It’s just the way he wants to play people.”
“Did you hold her hand or watch the game?” CJ McCollum asked Kaman Sunday night, when he overheard Kaman mention that he watched the game. “No, no, no, I was watching the game,” Kaman said, incredulous. “I said, ‘I’ll start holding your hand when you start to push.'” Barrett weighed eight pounds, two ounces and stretched a staggering 22 inches when he was born. When he arrived and the gravity of the moment hit Kaman, he was overcome with emotion.
The Trail Blazers welcomed a new member to their extended family early Saturday morning, when Chris Kaman and his wife Emilie gave birth to their first child. Barrett Christopher Kaman was born at 12:27 a.m. — on 12-27 — and his measurements were quite Kaman-esque: He weighed eight pounds, two ounces and stretched a whopping 22-inches long. “Jeeeesus!” Damian Lillard said, when informed about the baby’s length. “They might have another NBA player there.”
This season, his rim protection numbers are similarly strong. And the Blazers have benefited. “I just think it’s a concentration thing for me,” Kaman said. “I think some years, I haven’t taken the initiative to put myself in the position to be more of a defensive-minded player. I’ve been trying to do more scoring. But I knew, coming here, I was going to have to do a little bit of both. So I’ve just been trying to focus on doing my job defensively. And when [Aldridge] goes out, try to be a little more aggressive offensively to score.”
Q: The elusive Sasquatch is said to live deep in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. Do you think Big Foot is given enough credit for staying under the radar this long? Post career on the hardwood, would you be willing to shift gears and dedicate your time to finding the big fella? Chris Kaman: He laughs. “I don’t know if I’ll have time to find him. But if he is real, he’s done a heck of a job hiding. You think they’d find a dead corpse or a bone or something. But they have that predator invisible shield.” Me: So you’re not willing to say he exists? A: “I don’t know. I’m skeptical about it. You just never have seen a body. I’ve never seen actual evidence. You’ve got these doctored up pictures. That’s about it.”
Houston is more likely than Cleveland as a landing spot via trade for Corey Brewer, according to … Q: You look like you are in great shape and very motivated this year. Would you say that this is the team for you? Would you like to stay in Portland long-term? Chris Kaman: “So far, so good. I don’t know how much longer term I’ve got, you know. I think it depends on what happens this summer with a lot of guys who are restricted free agents and unrestricted free agents.”
Lot of surprises there, including Lopez’ teammate Mason Plumlee ahead of Tim Duncan. Then again, Hollins is mostly using Plumlee only against bench players so he’s boosting numbers that way. Same might be true of Gobert. Omer Asik, Roy Hibbert, Gasol, those are all established. Maybe most impressive is Robin Lopez and Chris Kaman’s numbers together. That’s a big deal for Portand, who was atrocious last year at defense. They finished 16th in defensive efficiency, but had outlier performances against the West that were much worse. They’ve ticked up to 10th this season.