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Chris Kaman
Chris Kaman
Position: None
Born: 04/28/82
Height: 7-0 / 2.13
Weight:268 lbs. / 121.6 kg.
People want to know where Chris Kaman is, is he retiring, what his future might be. I always thought it was funny that he would say to you very often, “I hated every head coach I ever played for, but I like you.” So that’s probably the ultimate compliment that you could ever receive from somebody. We’ll lose a lot of humor on the bus and the team planes if he’s not around, but have you talked to him at all or do you know what he’s doing? Stotts: He’s back in Michigan. He did come back here, you know, he bought some property out in central Oregon and he came back here to get some of his stuff. I think he’s leaving his options open as far as playing next year. I don’t know where he is with that. I just heard today that he is beginning a workout regimen. He’s a talented guy. I think people know he could have helped us last year. Last year was about our young guys. He was extremely admirable in fulfilling that role.
Talking to the players in Portland, it’s clear this is a very tight-knit group and that there’s more bonding taking place this year than in past seasons when there was a mix of young guys and veterans (who oftentimes have a family and different priorities than their younger peers). Davis loves the fact that everyone is around the same age and that the team is so close. “It’s definitely enjoyable. That’s one thing I love about the NBA: all of the relationships you build,” Davis said. “There are some veterans like Chris Kaman, for example, who can tell us stories and talk about things that he has been through. But we do have a lot of young guys and all of us are hungry. We all still have stuff to prove and we’re all in that 23-to-27 age range. Hopefully we can keep this thing together for a long time.”