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We spoke with Oak’s longtime friend and spokesperson, Akhtar Farzaie, who tells us Charles feels Dolan is unfairly making him out to be violent alcoholic in the media. “Extremely outrageous and unprofessional of James Dolan to create a narrative of Charles Oakley in an attempt to make Charles seem like a monster.” “Very insulting and disrespectful to those that know him closely as a friend as well as his former teammates, more importantly to the loyal Knicks fans and the city of New York.”
The media in New York City was tough on Smith and the Knicks, and fans sent him harsh messages on social media, including, “You killed the Knicks season” and “I hope you die.” “I didn’t really get scared,” Smith said. “I would just say some stuff back like ‘I’m going to pray for you.’ Then I stopped responding because it was causing too much stress.” That stress came in the form of panic and anxiety attacks, fueled by not only fans and reporters, but the self-imposed pressure to live up to J.R. and his Knicks contract. On the court and at his apartment, there were moments when Smith couldn’t breathe, overthinking how people perceived him and feeling uneasy about his future. “I started having bad anxiety attacks,” Smith said. “I called my parents in the middle of the night, waking up drenched in sweat. They would tell me, ‘You’ve got to relax, you’ve got to relax.'”