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Chris Webber
Chris Webber
Position: None
Born: 03/01/73
Height: 6-10 / 2.08
Weight:244 lbs. / 111.1 kg.
They ended up with four meters for player attributes: Speed, 3-pointers, dunks, and defense. They added clutch in the Tournament Edition game, which Turmell said was a much better game. (Chris Webber had a “zero” in clutch in the arcade version of Tournament Edition.) Turmell, who was a big Detroit Pistons fan — and, thus, hated the Chicago Bulls — famously even tried to rig late-game situations that involved the Bulls and Pistons. If the Bulls were in a close game with the Pistons and took a last-second shot, there was a special code in the game that would cause those shots to be bricks more often than normal. “Nah, I didn’t know anything about that,” Scottie Pippen said. “But I’m sure it was, they were beating us back in those days. But we were the better team, and the better players. But I’m sure they had a code in us somehow to kind of, keep us down.
3 days ago via ESPN
What do you see in Durant that makes him a good candidate for Defensive Player of the Year? Chris Webber: “His size. It’s literally what God gave him, his height and his length. Therefore, because he can move laterally and he’s seven feet tall, he’s not 6’9”. He’s seven feet tall. He can check other guys on the rim and use his length. That’s part of it. He’s a great help defender. He has other good defenders on his team, including a great defender in Draymond. I think he’s learned a lot as well. So I’d have to give him all the credit with the effort in, he’s had to learn to play defensively the right way and he uses his God-given ability to block shots on smaller guards and come over and help on bigger players. It’s been fun watching him evolve into a very good two-way player.”
Listed at 6-foot-10, 232 pounds, Giles has a similar frame as Webber and the rookie has heard the comparison before. “I could have picked that one,” Giles told NBC Sports California when asked who Stojakovic might have compared him to. “I like that. It’s a huge honor for me. That’s something I’ve been kind of hearing since high school. The older I got, the more film I watched and I can kind of see what people are talking about now. It’s crazy I happen to be on the Kings now.”