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Chris Webber
Chris Webber
Position: None
Born: 03/01/73
Height: 6-10 / 2.08
Weight:244 lbs. / 111.1 kg.
Nelson hired Popovich at a time when he and his star player, Chris Webber, were barely speaking, so Popovich became the intermediary, the guy whose job it was to tell Webber the hard truths about himself. “Pop was great,” Nellie says. “He’d tell Chris, ‘You’re just silly. You don’t get it. You’ve got to mature.’ Too bad he [Webber] didn’t listen. It took him until he was 35 to get there, and by then it was too late for us.”
2 months ago via ESPN
Maybe he felt that anguish from Game 6 in 2002 and felt the need to defend Spurs Nation at any cost. He was invited on the Dan Patrick Show to discuss his passion and outrage and had some interesting things to say. “I’ve definitely played a game — I’ve played one game in which yes, something smelled weird about the whole situation.” I’ll say it: He was referring to the worst officiated game in NBA history and that’s according to ex-commissioner David Stern.
TNT game analyst Chris Webber claimed the San Antonio Spurs were robbed in the closing seconds of Game 2 of the Thunder-Spurs series on Monday night, when an offensive foul wasn’t called on Dion Waiters when he pushed off Manu Ginóbili in attempting to pass the ball inbounds to Kevin Durant. “That was an offensive foul, a blatant offensive foul,” Webber said. “That was there for anyone to view. He was out of bounds. You can’t push anybody from there. … Terrible!”