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CJ McCollum
Position: G
Born: 09/19/91
Height: 6-4 / 1.93
Weight:192 lbs. / 87.1 kg.
Salary: $3,219,579
CJ McCollum on singing his new contract extension to keep him in Portland through 2020-21… “It’s a very, very unique feeling. Honestly, I’ve never experienced it before, although I was able to watch Dame [Lillard] go through the process. It’s just a blessing, man, to be able to put the work in, to go through the struggle of injuries, ups and downs, in and out of the rotation to getting an opportunity and taking advantage of it and seeing everything kinda fall into place. Better than a Lifetime Original, better than a 30-for-30 ESPN original movie to just go from where I came from to signing a $100 million deal, man, it’s a really great feeling. I danced around a little bit after I did it and thanked the Lord and went and worked out right afterward, just because that’s kind of how I’m programmed: to continue to get better and never get complacent.”
CJ McCollum on when he found out that the extension was in the works.. “I found out a little while ago that we were in talks, we were discussing an extension this summer. I actually flew out to Las Vegas for a photo shoot with Nike around the time the Select Team was out there and my agent told me not to fly back to the east coast because I was supposed to fly back to Philly to watch my brother’s 3v3 tournament game. So once he told me to fly back to Oregon I had a pretty good idea things were going to be finalized shortly.”
Storyline: CJ McCollum Extension
On why he didn’t hold out for any player options or trade kickers in his extension… “I love the city and I’m happy here. I’ve actually been looking for homes since my rookie year but I was not going to buy because I’m a business man and I think it’s important you have a secure situation before you begin to make expensive purchases such as purchasing real estate. But I told my agent I like it here and I’m content. I like the situation I’m in, I like the staff and I’m happy to be here with no outs, no trade kickers, ect. I want to be here and I told him that. So I said ‘Do what you’ve got to do to get it done and have me here long term.’”