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CJ McCollum
Position: G
Born: 09/19/91
Height: 6-4 / 1.93
Weight:192 lbs. / 87.1 kg.
Salary: $2,525,160
So how is it for players at this time of year? 1080 AM The Fan’s “Hardcount with Dirt and Sprague” had the chance to ask those questions of Portland’s CJ McCollum when they had him on their show yesterday. Specifically, they asked McCollum whether he’s been in contact with LaMarcus Aldridge. “I don’t want to bug him,” McCollum said. “Whatever decision he makes, I respect it because he’s given us a lot over the course of his career If he comes back, that would be great. If he decides to leave and go home or go to another city, he has a right to because this is the NBA and people that work normal jobs have the right to leave and go work at other places. We should have the same leeway.”
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Conley, who had 14 points, went down on the court after he appeared to be caught by Portland guard CJ McCollum’s elbow while going after a loose ball. Conley stayed on his hands and knees for several moments before heading to the locker room with a towel to his face. The Grizzlies said he was taken to a local hospital for further evaluation. No other details were immediately available. Conley later posted to Twitter: “Proud of my guys for stepping up! Huge win tonight. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. I will be fine!”
CJ keeps close tabs on his older brother’s game, following the stats online when he can’t watch. “That’s my guy, that’s my road dog. He’s my mentor,” CJ McCollum said on Monday. “We always stay together when I go home. We work out together every day. He’s a guy that pushes me and I push him to become as good as possible. I’d say we have a really good relationship. We probably talk every day or every other day even though he’s in China. That’s my guy. I love him to death.” The McCollum brothers last played together when Errick was a senior and CJ a freshman at GlenOak High School in Canton, Ohio. But their basketball careers have taken decidedly different paths.
When Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum can’t sleep on cross country flights he cues up Zhejiang Golden Bulls games on his computer and watches the Bulls’ high-scoring guard light up the competition in the Chinese Basketball Association. Zhejian point guard Errick McCollum, CJ’s older brother, is the leading scorer in the Chinese Basketball Association and last Friday set a CBA scoring record with 82 points in a loss to the Guangdong Tigers.
Damian Lillard, Miss Oregon 2014 Emma Palett and other Portland Trail Blazers players including CJ McCollum, Dorell Wright, Will Barton and Thomas Robinson were on hand at the Armory Annex building in Portland on Wednesday night to help ring in the new year and party their way into 2015. Lillard said he wanted to put on the event to have some fun on New Year’s in Portland, but also as a benefit for the Brian Grant Foundation. “I’m pretty familiar with Brian Grant,” Lillard said. “I’ve gotten to know him so I wanted to support that. I know with the Trail Blazers being the only show in town pretty much and me being one of the guys on the team I figured I could make people more interested in being a part of it and more money could be donated because of it.”
Portland Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum has been cleared by doctors to return to full-contact activities after a round of x-rays on Monday night, according to a source with knowledge of the situation. McCollum has been out of the Blazers line-up since he broke his right index finger in Nov. 17’s win against the New Orleans Pelicans. The finger was broken in three places according to McCollum.
“We’ll see how it goes,” McCollum said, when asked if he was on pace to return by the team’s original four-week timeline. “I’ll continue to stay in shape, like I’ve been doing, and get up shots and get used to wearing this splint before I jump back into the fire.” Based on the Blazers’ four-week recovery timeline, McCollum could return next week, when the Blazers host the San Antonio Spurs (Monday) and Milwaukee Bucks (Wednesday) at the Moda Center.
McCollum’s senior year at Lehigh ended when he suffered a Jones fracture, which is a broken bone at the base of the small toe. McCollum had surgery, placing a screw in his foot. Then, in training camp with the Blazers last year, McCollum re-broke the foot at the start of training camp. This time, McCollum opted for a non-surgical ultrasound procedure. “There are methods you can do besides getting surgery, but it’s his first break, so I’m sure they’ll probably recommend surgery,” McCollum said. “Either way, it’s a tough injury to recover from, depending on if it’s broken through all the way, the placement of the screw. There’s a lot of things that go into it, but if they say four to six (weeks), it’s probably more like eight to 10.”
CJ McCollum: Instead of thinking of reasons why your coach should be playing you, honestly assess reasons as to why he isn’t. The next step is to go work on those things and improve the specific areas you come up with, so there is a change in your play. For me, it was simple. I made a list of what I needed to improve on. Make defense a priority and not an afterthought. Most rookies struggle with the transition of defense. Do a better job of gauging angles. There are more pick-and-rolls and in the league, teams will utilize a play or player over and over again until it is stopped.
CJ McCollum: For the incoming rookies that were just selected in the 2014 NBA Draft, here is some advice. The NBA is a transition in every aspect of life, but especially from a financial standpoint. Players go from managing scholarship money and grants consisting of $5,000 a semester or less, as was the case for me (since I was on a small-school budget), to being responsible for a multi-million dollar contract over x amount of years. Players instantly become placed in the ever so popular “2% club.” Entry into this club exists when you make $225,000 or more per year in the United States. Second-round picks, and in some rare cases undrafted free agents, are also a part of it. My advice is to check your bank account statements and actually read over your monthly cash flow. Every time you post a picture on Instagram or Twitter, you should probably also take the time to check your accounts online.
CJ McCollum: The playoffs are an entirely new brand of basketball. Scouting is more in-depth and each possession means so much, especially down the stretch of games. By the first round of the playoffs, most teams have faced each other so many times that they know each others’ plays and tendencies. That makes execution and hustle plays all the more important. Free throw box-outs, extra passes, transition defense and 50/50 balls are all crucial during the playoffs. We were eventually eliminated by the San Antonio Spurs, who, by no coincidence, were excellent at all those previous things I just mentioned. Their stars sacrificed individual accolades for the betterment of the team, and it paid dividends down the stretch of the playoffs. Experiencing the playoffs is something I will always remember and use as motivation moving forward.