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CJ Miles
CJ Miles
Position: G
Born: 03/18/87
Height: 6-6 / 1.98
Weight:210 lbs. / 95.3 kg.
Salary: $4,394,225
He is averaging a career high 15.9 points, and has been red hot shooting the ball, trailing only Stephen Curry in three-pointers made per game (3.1) while hitting 46.3% of his twos and 45.1% of his threes. Miles played well in his first term with the Pacers last season, but he’s taken another step forward in his second year. The Pacers underwent offseason changes to rejuvenate their system, making the transition to a small-ball, space-and-pace approach, with the 6-6 Miles often playing at the power forward position which — despite being undersized — is a place where he’s excelled. “C.J. always comes out with that aggression,” Pacers forward Paul George said. “It’s what we need if we’re going to play the small ball lineup. He has to torch those opposing four-men every time.”
He’s averaging a career high 1.5 steals per game, which ranks third among NBA power forwards, and he has an average plus-minus of +5.2. The Pacers are off to a 9-6 start and rank fourth in the NBA defensively, shutting down opponents just 95.1 points a game. “We’re feeling good about ourselves, and we’re playing confidently,” coach Frank Vogel said after a 123-106 win against the Washington Wizards. But with a trip out West up next for Indiana, Vogel stressed that they stay humble.
Q: You brought up something interesting: ‘The Roy Hibbert situation and how it was perceived.’ How do you think it was perceived? CJ Miles: I just think people kind of look at it, like (the Pacers) thought so terribly of him, like, ‘We threw him away.’ I don’t think that’s the case. The team decided they wanted to play a different way. They felt like he wasn’t going to benefit from it and obviously we weren’t going to benefit from it. So, why would you put him in a situation where he couldn’t be himself or be a good basketball player? Or a better basketball player? … I loved playing with Big Dawg. He did a lot for the team and before that everybody knows his success with the identity of the team. (But) with the identity changing, for him to be able to continue to be Big Dawg, it wouldn’t be as effective in up-and-down type of play because that’s not the way he plays.
Q: All emoji jokes aside and the Clippers sending out those emojis to show they’re serious about pursuing DeAndre Jordan, were you in contact with David or Roy during this period? A: I had dinner with Roy in L.A. earlier, before the trade. We don’t get together to talk about that stuff but we sat down, had dinner, had some laughs. I haven’t talked to D West at all through the summer. But I wish the same for him. I wish the best for him. He made a decision based on what he felt and that’s all you can really ask. I think sometimes it’s not fair when the players use the business side to benefit themselves (and) people look at it like it’s crazy. “Why would you do that? Why would you do this?” But when it happens from the other side, everybody’s like, “Well, it’s a business.” It’s a business on both sides and he decided for himself that it was a better fit for him to be somewhere else. Obviously, it’s in a pure state because he took a large pay cut so if that doesn’t tell you something of what he stands for and what he’s trying to do, I don’t know what does. He was great to play with last year.”