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Cole Aldrich
Cole Aldrich
Position: C
Born: 10/31/88
Height: 6-11 / 2.11
Weight:244 lbs. / 111.1 kg.
Salary: $7,643,979
Cole Aldrich and his wife, Britt, hosted a larger Christmas gathering than normal on Thursday night. Cole’s immediate family was in attendance, as was Britt’s. And so were three other families from the Twin Cities Salvation Army. A meal was served, along with a couple of gifts for each person, courtesy of the Aldriches. This was the first time Aldrich, a Bloomington native and current Timberwolves center, and his wife put on this type of event, and originally planned on doing something for Thanksgiving, though the timing didn’t work out. So Christmas was the next logical choice.
Cole Aldrich was vacationing with his wife in Italy when a lifelong dream came to fruition. He had sealed a deal to play for the Minnesota Timberwolves, the team he grew up watching in suburban Minneapolis. Because of the time difference, a giddy Aldrich decided to send his father a text message rather than give him a call. “I think I said, ‘Dad, I’m coming home,'” Aldrich recalled on Thursday. The message did not quite have the effect he had planned on. “I thought you were coming home from vacation!” Walter Aldrich hollered from the back of the room. Alas, Aldrich meant he was coming home for good. To play basketball for the Timberwolves, to live in the home he returns to every offseason after spending the first six seasons of his NBA career bouncing around with five other teams.
“I’ve been a Timberwolves fan all my life,” Cole Aldrich said. “Whether it was in another city playing for New York or Oklahoma City or wherever, I always tried to keep tabs. And you root for your city. For me to be home, I’m going to go out there and play hard. I’m not going to guarantee a championship or anything like LeBron, but just I’m going to try to do all I can to help us win games.”
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