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Corey Brewer
Corey Brewer
Position: F-G
Born: 03/05/86
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:185 lbs. / 83.9 kg.
Salary: $8,105,615
They say John William Rogan navigated Gallatin, Tenn., in a cart pulled by goats, and there are pictures to prove it. The 8-foot-9 Rogan died in 1905 and remains the tallest African-American man ever. He’s still the stuff of legend in Tennessee, where they’ve long told tales of his booming voice and playful personality. They tell Corey Brewer that’s where he got his height. “I used to hear stories about him,” said Brewer, the Thunder’s new starting shooting guard. “My mom told us we had one of the tallest men ever in our family, and I remember thinking about that, because my mom is 5-4 and my dad was 6-foot.”
Corey Brewer’s father died in 2012. He was 68 years old, his life taken early by the type-2 diabetes that had claimed his legs and hindered his eyesight. But his sense of humor was indomitable. “Oh, lord, they loved each other,” Glenda Brewer said. “When Corey used to come home from college, he would sit in his daddy’s lap, and they would laugh. You would think it was 1,000 people in my house the way those two would cut up.”
When Brewer was a sophomore at Florida, coming off an NCAA championship playing for Billy Donovan, now his coach in Oklahoma City, Ellis’ health began to deteriorate. Brewer decided he would jump to the NBA, the better to support his family. As Donovan remembers it, “Corey’s dad said, ‘I’ve lived my life. You need to live yours. What do you want to do?’” Brewer wanted to go back to Florida. Ellis insisted that he did. “That’s what kind of man he was,” Donovan said. “Corey has a great family. They’ve always been humble. They’ve always been about the right things. There’s an integrity and character there that I really respect and admire.” And there’s a sense of humor, too.
But he never did. He was both a good student — Glenda gave him extra attention every day to help with his reading, she said, a challenging subject because his mind would wander — and a class clown. And he was relentlessly positive, unfailingly upbeat. As bubbly a personalty as Glenda is, she credits much of Brewer’s disposition to her late husband. “Some people get mean when they get sick,” she said. “He never did get like that. All through his sickness, you would ask how he was doing and he would say, ‘I’m doing OK,’ even though sometimes I knew he didn’t feel good. He never complained. Corey’s just like him.”