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Damon Stoudamire
Damon Stoudamire
Position: None
Born: 09/03/73
Height: 5-10 / 1.78
Weight:173 lbs. / 78.9 kg.
“There are more attractive places,” Stoudamire said. “When you look at Portland. I spent a lot of time in Memphis as a player and a coach. I look at those two places, they have to utilize the trade better than anybody. I said something the other day, with that trade has to be a risk. The biggest robbery of a trade that nobody ever says is when I was at Memphis as a coach we traded Quentin Richardson for Zach Randolph. Why? Because nobody wanted him. You take that chance. Zach had a year left on that deal, and you take that chance.
It was endearing, then, when the lefty posted a series of Damon Stoudamire highlights in an Instagram story late Thursday night. “Thanks Mighty Mouse for the highlight tape,” Thomas captioned the first clip, referring to Stoudamire’s nickname. Thomas has said he patterned his game after Stoudamire, and the similarities pop out in the highlights. Some of the stop-and-start dribbles look just like moves Thomas unveiled at the TD Garden last season. “Our games are identical,” Thomas wrote in another caption.