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Temptation comes in all forms in the city of sin. If you have a vice, Las Vegas will be sure to expose it. Maybe that’s why the gambling capital of the world is the perfect place to find out just how committed these NBA youngsters and hopefuls are. “You’re going to Vegas,” said big man Darnell Jackson, who’s back with the Kings after a stint overseas last year in Ukraine. “You’ve got gambling, you’ve got clubs, partying, beautiful women around and its open to the public.”
As one of the elder statesmen on this Kings Summer League squad, Jackson is taking it upon himself to hold his younger teammates accountable. He plans on reminding them that the next week is about business if they hope to make their hoop dreams come true. “Everybody’s out auditioning,” said the 26-year-old power forward. “You’re auditioning not just for the Kings, you’re auditioning for every team in the NBA. So you have to be respectful, on the court and off the court. Just be professional whatever you’re doing.” Taking on that leadership role means probably becoming the resident killjoy. But Jackson seems to not mind and is willing to nag teammates when necessary. “At the end of the day, everybody’s a human being (and) everybody makes mistakes,” Jackson said. “You’ve just got to tell them. Some guys are stubborn, some guys listen.”
BC Donetsk is closer to waive Darnell Jackson. Former NBA player didn’t perform as expected and the Ukrainian team is on the market looking for a replacement. Donetsk showed interest in Darius Songaila. The Lithuanian is free agent after he left Galatasaray where he has started the season. Another name for the Ukrainian club is Vladan Vukosavljevic of Politekhnika-Halychyna. The player is averaging 18.4ppg and 11.3rpg in 16 games in Superleague.
Of all the tattoos on Darnell Jackson’s body, it’s one on his right wrist that speaks to the pain he has endured and his optimism. It’s a simple phrase: “Suicide is not an option.” The Kings forward calls the tattoo his “reminder.” “If I’m out here working out or if I’m sitting in a room or if I’m working out in the weight room, I always just take a glance at my wrist and be like, ‘Suicide is not an option,’ ” Jackson said. Jackson had the tattoo added after the death of his mother, Shawn Jackson. She took her life in March by overdosing on pain pills following a May 2005 car crash.
Jackson said his life has been filled with tragedy. Friends and family, including his father, have been killed. The car accident caused by a drunken driver that injured his mother claimed the life of his grandmother, Evon. Nevertheless, Jackson doesn’t hang his head. He dealt with anger and hurt following the loss of his mother. Today, he savors his job. “I know life is hard, but I could be doing something else right now,” Jackson said. “I love doing this. I’m enjoying every minute of it. Every chance I get to shoot, pass or run up and down this court, I get a rush out of this.”