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Darrell Armstrong
Darrell Armstrong
Position: None
Born: 06/22/68
Height: 6-1 / 1.85
Weight:179 lbs. / 81.6 kg.
It was late 1999, the start of Rivers’ first season as coach of the Orlando Magic, and he saw a situation in the locker room that he felt needed addressing. As his players took part in the pre-game prayer that was part of their routine — with veteran point guard Darrell Armstrong handling the message like always, future New Orleans Pelicans coach Monty Williams serving as unofficial co-messenger and the entire team standing in a circle — he noticed something he didn’t like. “I looked up in one of the prayers, and Tariq (Abdul-Wahad) had his arms folded, and you could see that he was really uncomfortable with it,” Rivers, whose team hosts the Golden State Warriors tonight in Game 7 of the first round of the playoffs, told USA TODAY Sports recently. “So the next game, we were standing up in a circle, and I said, ‘Hey guys, we’re no longer praying,’ and I remember Darrell and Monty looking at me, like ‘What’s going on?'”
Mike James: Personally, I’ve always chosen to push and had the attitude on the court of being a bully. I’m always going to be the toughest. I’m going to try to put you in a position where you’re no longer thinking about the game, you’re thinking about me—and not in a positive way. You’re thinking about punching me in the face. Players got to me that way too, though. Oh my goodness did I hate Darrell Armstrong. He was one of those guys who could change the game without being involved in the offence. Defensively, he could do so many different things and he was such a livewire on that end of the floor that he was able to make game-changing plays—getting steals, forcing turnovers. Playing him, I wanted to just chop him in the neck and get in a brawl. He was crazy.
Rumor has it the team calls you the Big Mummy now. Because you’re so stiff, I guess. Who came up with that, if it’s true? Dirk Nowitzki: [Laughs] … I don’t know, I think it was [Mavs assistant] Darrell Armstrong. He’s one of the craziest guys ever in this league. But, honestly, that’s not only this year. In the mornings, even the year we won it all, if you watch me in shootaround, I just look so stiff. First of all, I’m not a morning guy, so I run all stiff-legged in shootaround. But “Mummy” is a really good one.
The $40,000 bail that a Dallas Mavericks assistant coach posted can be used to clear up a Las Vegas casino debt that led to his arrest in Los Angeles County, a prosecutor said Thursday. Darrell Armstrong, 43, can direct that the money be used to satisfy $37,500 in casino markers, or IOUs, claimed by Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, said Samuel Bateman, chief deputy Clark County district attorney in charge of the bad check unit.