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Darren Collison
Darren Collison
Position: G
Born: 08/23/87
Height: 6-0 / 1.83
Weight:160 lbs. / 72.6 kg.
Salary: $5,013,559
“I think we need some defensive players with that mindset. I’m all about the defensive players … We definitely need shooting with the creativity that me, Rudy and DeMarcus have – I think more shooting will help us. And then the one thing that we don’t talk about a lot is that we need experience. We do need veteran players who have been around the block,” Collison said. “You look at the Houston Rockets, they have a bunch of experienced players. You look at Golden State [Warriors], they’ve got veteran players. If we can keep the core together like these other teams have kept their core together and add experienced players with defense and shooting, I think we’ll be fine.”
“Vlade brought up a good point: He wants to keep the core together. He understands how important chemistry is. And him and Pete, they just pretty much said that, ‘we just want to build around the core,'” said Collison, who averaged 16.1 points, 5.6 assists and 3.2 rebounds last season. “That’s encouraging to hear because you see a lot of teams breaking teams up after a year or after two years, they don’t really give them time to gel. To hear them say that really feels like, ‘OK, this core has a chance to go forward.'”
So it was announced that you were going to be out for six weeks. Is there a chance you may come back at some point this season or is it still the six weeks (the rest of the season) time frame? I don’t know. I think the biggest thing right now is to take each day by itself and go from there … I don’t know how my body will respond. I do know if it’s only like three more games left, there’s no need to play, you’ve got to let the young guys finish that season out. If it was the playoffs, of course, I think I would be a way more concerted effort to try to be with team during that time period, but as of right now, I just got to take my time and just try to get as healthy as much as possible.
Some of the chatter as of late has centered on the fact that DeMarcus and Rudy have been seen sort of jawing at each other a little bit during games. As a teammate of theirs, is that normal and is it just being competitive or is it a cause for concern? Rudy and DeMarcus they’re the best of friends off the court … so whenever they’re off the court, you can’t tell anything happened on the court so I’m not concerned. I think during the games, they’re very competitive, they both want to win and you’re going to always have those things. It’s just like any family. Any good family, any family that’s really close you’re going to step on each other’s toes here and there but at the end of day we understand that we’re still together, we’re still brothers. That’s what is special about our team, despite what we’ve been through our chemistry has been really good. This is like the first year I’ve been on a team where you haven’t necessarily had a good record, but our chemistry has been great. We have a bunch of good guys on the team, so I’m not worried about it.
Kings guard Darren Collison had successful surgery for a core muscle injury Tuesday and will be out six weeks, the team announced. The surgery was performed by Dr. William Meyers at the Vincera Institute in Philadelphia. The timeline for recovery effectively ends Collison’s season. The last game of the season is April 15 against the Lakers in Los Angeles. “My gut right now from the standpoint of basketball is it would probably be silly to try to rush him back,” Kings coach George Karl said.
Sacramento Kings guard Darren Collison is scheduled to have a consultation with Dr. William Meyers on Monday at the Vincera Institute in Philadelphia before undergoing surgery on Tuesday to repair a core muscle injury. Collison suffered the injury in the first half of Sacramento’s contest against the Dallas Mavericks on Feb. 5 and has not played since. He is expected to be re-evaluated in three to six weeks, when more information will be made available.
Also making an appearance in the league’s top 30 turnover machines are small forward Rudy Gay (2.6 per game) and point guard Darren Collison (2.5), ranked 25th and 29th respectively among qualified players. Gay has been a culprit of too many dribbles, while Collison has been guilty of forcing feeds. But to be clear, this has been a team-wide epidemic. “Turnovers, basically, I tell them all the time, don’t be Magic Johnson,” Karl told the media after his first practice. “Just be a good basketball player. And good basketball players don’t make bad decisions. Make good, solid decisions, don’t try to make the Magic Johnson pass, because that’s when I think instead of throwing a pass that gets made 98 percent of the time, which it should be, we throw passes that have a 60/40 ratio, and that’s not even good for a quarterback in football.”
The Nets have been in discussions about trading either Lopez or Deron Williams this season, including talks with the Kings that would have centered around Williams going to Sacramento in exchange for Darren Collison, Jason Thompson and Derrick Williams. Those talks were held up, however, by the Kings being interested in Mason Plumlee and the Nets in rookie Nik Stauskas, both non-starters for the other team.