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David Robinson
David Robinson
Position: None
Born: 08/06/65
Height: 7-1 / 2.16
Weight:250 lbs. / 113.4 kg.
Speaking with ESPN’s Russillo & Kanell, “The Admiral” weighed in on Cousins and Howard’s lack of maturity. “To me that’s extremely frustrating. I saw Dwight [Howard] coming out of high school, his first couple of years in the pros, it looked like he was just going to go crazy and I was excited. He was one of those super athletic seven footers that I always prided myself on being one of those guys that can run and jump, so I was excited to see what he could do. I think it’s a little bit of immaturity.” “Those guys haven’t learned how to get along with their coaches, their teammates. At some point you got to grow up. At some point you got to figure out how to help make this team better instead of being the center of attention. I got to make these guys better. ”
With Robinson’s history with both Popovich and USA Basketball, it was suggested he could be an assistant coach with Popovich. Robinson laughed, then said: “I would jump at the chance. I haven’t done any coaching, but I would jump at the chance to do that. The Olympics is just a great experience. … But like I said, to go from Coach K to Pop, you can’t ask for a better jump than that.”
Robinson then mentioned the signing of David West, calling the move a “phenomenal acquisition. Just a super smart player, who has all the skills inside and out.” Robinson said he plans to sit down with West, too. “He’s already said to me, ‘You were one of my favorite players growing up,’” said Robinson. “So now I get a chance to spend some time with him and encourage him, not just in basketball, but in life. That’s an incredible blessing.”