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DeAndre Jordan
DeAndre Jordan
Position: C
Born: 07/21/88
Height: 6-11 / 2.11
Weight:265 lbs. / 120.2 kg.
Salary: $0

NBA fines Clippers $250,000

The NBA announced today that it has fined the Los Angeles Clippers $250,000 for violating NBA rules prohibiting teams from offering players unauthorized business or investment opportunities. The violation involved a presentation made by the Clippers to free agent DeAndre Jordan on July 2 that improperly included a potential third-party endorsement opportunity for the player. While the NBA’s investigation ultimately concluded that the presentation of this opportunity had no impact on Jordan’s decision to re-sign with the Clippers, the team’s conduct nevertheless violated the league’s anti-circumvention rules. The NBA’s anti-circumvention rules prohibit teams from, among other things, providing or arranging for others to provide any form of compensation to a player unless such compensation is included in a player contract or otherwise expressly permitted under the CBA.
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Which brings us to when Davis discussed the Jordan/Paul dynamic, and why Jordan was unhappy enough with the Clippers to agree to play for Dallas (before changing his mind). “It was a false reality,” Davis said of the reports of a CP3/Jordan feud. “It was like they had problems, but they didn’t have problems. We can hang out, have a good time off the court, it just some players rub each other the wrong way. I think that’s what it was and they never really talked about it until DeAndre said ‘I’m going to go to Dallas….’
Griffin said he was involved in getting Jordan to write a piece for the website accompanying Griffin’s story about getting Jordan to remain a Clipper, and new Clipper Lance Stephenson has also contributed a story about his efforts to overcome his shaky reputation and the worst season of his career. Griffin said he tried to spell out the truth about a day in which rumors flew about an invasion of Jordan’s home. “My whole idea behind that was just to show that it wasn’t such a like very serious situation,” Griffin said. “We didn’t go down there to try to lock anybody out. He asked us to come down there and we went down there and we had a conversation and we waited for him to sign. From the outside looking in, it seemed like it was this huge ordeal, which it wasn’t.”
via Los Angeles Times