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DeAndre Liggins
DeAndre Liggins
Position: G
Born: 03/31/88
Height: 6-6 / 1.98
Weight:209 lbs. / 94.8 kg.
Salary: $543,471
“I’ve got to be ready, with my feet set, hands ready, and knock the shots down,” Liggins said. “I’m gonna be open. Our offense is just be ready to knock shots down, miss or make, and live with the results. My thing is, I put the work in. So I can live with the results, miss or make.” Being showcased on a winning team can do nothing but help his chances of cashing in in the summer of ’18 for a pretty sizeable contract, either in Cleveland or somewhere else. Two separate league folks last week mentioned Tony Allen as a comparison point for Liggins; Patrick Beverley — like Liggins and Allen, also a Chicago-native, defense-first guy — also came up. It’s an amazing sea change in a short period of time.
He is in regular communication with the NBA’s counseling service, and has never missed or been late for mandated meetings with a domestic violence counselor. Because he was not with an NBA team after pleading guilty to the one count of domestic abuse in 2013, and because he’s been fully compliant since, the NBA did not punish him further. The Cavaliers, of course, can bring almost anyone on earth to their team. They can be extremely selective in who they choose. They chose Liggins. “The thing that’s meaningful to me, that I want people to understand, was we didn’t make this decision blindfolded,” Cavaliers General Manager David Griffin said Thursday. “I understood the depth of the decision. My wife (who also met with Liggins) understood it. And ownership understood it … he’s on a zero tolerance, non-optional policy with us. I think that should be obvious.”
Liggins was fortunate to have one of the game’s most respected agents, Henry Thomas of CAA, representing him. Thomas has represented some of the game’s most upstanding people over the years, from Dwyane Wade to Chris Bosh to Michael Finley and Udonis Haslem. Liggins, though, was not a high-profile client. But Thomas didn’t drop him. “You have to know your guy,” Thomas said Friday. “He was young when that happened. I’ve stuck with him for the whole time. He’s from Chicago. I tend to stick with Chicago guys, because I’m from Chicago. I just thought that he had a chance to make it in the NBA. I thought he was skilled enough to make it. He just needed to be with the right team.”