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Dee Brown
Dee Brown
Position: None
Born: 08/17/84
Height: 6-0 / 1.83
Weight:181 lbs. / 82.1 kg.
Brown believes they should. “As everyone knows when I first got here, I had an incident in Wellesley with the police, it was 1990, it was quite a while ago, but after that I never had a problem in Boston,” he said. “My wife’s from Cambridge. I’ve still got family up here. I love Boston. I’m always a Celtics’ diehard, always will be. Played here for eight years. “The thing is, the change happened when KG [Kevin Garnett] came, Paul [Pierce] was here for a long time. Ray [Allen], [Rajon] Rondo, those guys. The second wave of stars after the ’90s. I think they can get free agents here, I really do.”
Brown is known as much for a mistaken-identity incident with the police in 1990 as he is for streaking to the basket for that dunk a few months later. On Sept. 21, 1990, Brown, entering his rookie season with the Celtics, was stopped by Wellesley police after being mistaken for a bank robber. He and his then fiancée faced drawn guns from five police officers after a secretary at the bank identified Brown as the potential robber. The description was of a light-skinned man between 6 feet and 6-2. Brown is brown-skinned and 6-1. Brown and his fiancée weren’t released until Brown showed his identification, but the incident reverberated around the country, especially in NBA circles, concerning race relations in Boston.